Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the Customer Experience

Holiday Presents
Black Friday is in the past. Cyber Monday is over. Both set new records in sales. Contact centers have shifted into high gear. With online sales exceeding $6.2 billion on Black Friday and $7.9 billion on Cyber Monday, the number of interactions is skyrocketing for every contact center associated with this demand. The majority of these interactions – phone calls, online chats, emails – will be recorded. Now comes the aftermath of the big days in sales – customers with questions. Interactions regarding everything from return policies to technical support – missing parts, assembly tips, shipping errors, back orders – you name it. When there’s a sales event, contact centers see spikes in activity that last for months.smartphone illustration The demand for quality management and assurance has never been higher. Business outcomes are on the line. The volume of data gathered about customers has never been greater.
  • Is your contact center positioned to thrive in this environment?
  • Can you see how to improve?
  • Are you in compliance?
  • Can you make the adjustments needed to further your goals?
Done right, you can not only achieve these goals, but create a golden opportunity for your business.

Smartphones & a Mobility World

Smartphones have made it easy and convenient to reach out, any time, any place. A great storefront, display, holiday message doesn’t suffice in today’s market. An optimized contact center is in the front line of the buyer’s decision. An agent with insufficient training can cause a negative experience for the caller if things don’t go smoothly. You do not want a negative rating to appear on a website. You do not want your brand featured on a #BadBlackFriday Twitter stream. It is absolutely important to nail your operations down and ensure all your company’s interactions are first rate.

Are Your Agents Ready?

Customer first! Go the extra mile! Make a customer, not a sale!
All great slogans, but are your employees ready to follow through and deliver? Robust quality management, eLearning and automated eCoaching solutions provide the tools contact center agents need to hone their skills year-round, enabling peak performance during business spikes. Secure, comprehensive interaction recordings are the key to establishing best practices throughout your workforce. They provide a complete 360° view of each customer interaction. Workforce optimization quality management solutions can quickly identify issues and anomalies. Automated customer surveys and agent self-evaluations provide employees with opportunities for self-training and improvement.

Preparing for Next Year

Contact Center AgentsIf every customer interaction is recorded, you’re sitting on a gold mine of business intelligence. Do you have the tools to reveal it? A robust analytics solution, designed specifically for contact centers, provides the software you need to discover the gold in your mountain of accumulated data.
  • What questions are being asked?
  • Which products are attracting interactions?
  • How often do customers express satisfaction on calls?
  • Which marketing campaigns are mentioned?
  • How are agent interactions split across call types?
The ability to search for key phrases, build customized reports, and identify trending topics – these tools provide the insights and business intelligence you need to make informed decisions for the coming year.

Encore® for Contact Centers

DVSAnalytics has provided software tools to boost contact center performance for over 35 years. Visit our Resources webpages to learn more about the Encore suite of workforce optimization and workforce management solutions from DVSAnalytics. Download our white paper, Blending Speech Analytics with Traditional Quality Management, for information on improving your customers’ experience.