Interaction Recording

Secure, Scalable & Customizable Call and Screen Recording

Encore® Recording Software from DVSAnalytics delivers secure call recording and screen recording solutions, engineered to adapt to your organization’s specifications and scale with your growth.

Encore’s innovative interaction recording technology meets the needs of contact centers in companies of all sizes, in all industries: healthcare, financial services, public safety, consumer, telecom, and more. Improve customer service, maintain compliance, reduce risk and liability, settle disputes, verify customer orders and gain key insights.

Call Recording and
Screen Recording Combined

Improve the evaluation process and gain insight into customer interactions by recording calls and desktop activity with Encore Interaction Recording. Because desktop recording has become a necessary component in the quality management process, DVSAnalytics includes it with every system.

With Encore’s unique option to record screens without a voice conversation, quality management with Encore can be extended to non-voice interactions such as email and chat. Encore Screen rcording completes the 360° view of customer interactions, delivering the ability to improve performance and optimize work flow.

Desktop Recording, an optional feature, records agent desktop activity. Desktop Recording helps measure and improve the performance of agents working on chat or social media channels. Captured in 10-minute increments throughout the day, Desktop Recording provides insight into agent activities while assisting customers and during idle times.

Encore features a host of capabilities to empower your organization.

  • 100% or selective recording
  • Scalable to thousands of extensions and multiple sites
  • PCI and HIPAA compliance
  • Built-in quality management
  • Auto-archival
  • Desktop and third-party application data capture
  • Dual-monitor screen recording
  • eCoaching
  • Server virtualization
  • Cloud ready solutions
  • Seamless Integration with Salesforce

Acquire a 360° View of Customer Interactions

Watching how an agent navigates a screen, completes a task, or switches between applications can provide feedback to the business on opportunities for additional training, process improvement and application optimization.

Have you ever listened to a recording and something just didn’t seem right, but you can’t put your finger on it? You need to see what’s happening on the desktop to get the complete story. Evaluating recorded interactions becomes much more effective when you not only listen to a conversation, but also simultaneously watch how agents are navigating applications, searching for answers, and entering data.

Optimized Workflow

Sharing recordings that represent the proper way to enter an order, open a ticket, or navigate an application, provide visual examples for new hires and lower performing agents to emulate. Desktop recordings that demonstrate areas where agents are struggling with applications provide excellent feedback to the business’ IT or application engineers.

Numerous examples can be found in every organization pointing to the necessity of screen recording combined with call recording for optimized quality management and performance improvement.

Security and Compliance

To satisfy PCI-DSS and HIPAA compliance requirements, Encore’s security features allow you to encrypt recordings, or pause recording for specific portions of conversations, based on your pre-determined criteria. This provides you with assurance that confidential personal and financial information is protected from unauthorized users.

Access Control

Manage individual and group privileges via user IDs and strong passwords issued by Microsoft Active Directory.

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)

Secure communications with the servers protect the transmission of the recordings.

Audit Logs

Capture all administrative and user activity within the system, including recordings that have been accessed and modified.


256-bit AES encryption is the preferred way to protect sensitive data that needs to remain part of original audio and video recordings. Encore comes standard with full file encryption to help enterprises in all industries meet their compliance requirements.




Permanently remove recorded information from audio and video files. Encore’s Web API, eCapture Desktop Analytics application or Encore Start/Stop client can all be used for scrubbing. Additionally, you can manually scrub an existing recording using the On-demand Scrub feature.


ePause utilizes a rules-based engine to pause and then resume the recording based upon full or partial URLs. This simplified approach eliminates custom programming and related investments required to integrate desktop application actions and the recording process.

Proof of Consent and Adherence

Recording interactions has become common practice for businesses and government agencies. As such, new and emerging rules and regulations are requiring the delivery of recordings to prove compliance and/or consent. DVSAnalytics provides:

Telephonic Signature

This Encore-exclusive feature was developed specifically for customers who require separate call recordings for verbal consents or attestations via the phone. Telephonic Signature is an agent-controlled recording that captures only the verbal consent portion of the call. Additionally, up to 8 customizable data fields can be added to the standard recording metadata, and a separate retention policy can be applied to these recordings.

Dynamic or Static Playlists

The ability to easily create playlists with Encore allows businesses to quickly and completely respond to any request, by providing recordings that meet specific criteria.

Flexible Retention Options

Create multiple retention programs: set different policies for audio versus screen recording, save sales transactions longer than other recordings, etc.

Encore’s automated archive and retention options allow you to set different rules for audio and screen recording retention and storage. For instance, audio recordings can be set up to be automatically archived after a year and purged after 7 years, while screen recordings may be set up to be retained for only 3 months.

Easily Locate the Information You Need

Our built-in dynamic search playlists allow agents, supervisors and business users to create recording playlists and intuitive libraries according to select criteria, such as date, agent, customer and new orders. All recordings matching the set parameters are automatically added to the respective playlist and/or library.

Access customer recordings in Salesforce. Seamless integration with Salesforce links interaction recordings using metadata from Salesforce: user, account, contact, opportunity, or case. Easily locate and review recordings in Encore or Salesforce.

Integrate Seamlessly

Encore features certified CT integrations, including but not limited to:

Encore can even support multiple integrations on a single platform.

Easy to Install and Maintain

On-premises or in the cloud, Encore features multiple configuration options. Encore operates in a TDM, VoIP and hybrid environment, and supports SIP trunk side, station side, and more. Encore is designed for easy installation and maintenance.

Encore Recording Software from DVSAnalytics is the future of recording software. Featuring call and screen recording, quality management, coaching, workforce management and analytics capabilities, this all-in-one software suite will scale with your organization’s growth and adapt to its specific needs.

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