Interaction Recording

Secure, Scalable & Customizable Call and Screen Interaction Recording

Secure Call and Screen Recording

Discover root causes for your wins and challenges with DVSAnalytics Interaction Recording. Capture voice recordings and screen recordings to identify opportunities for additional training, process improvement, and contact center optimization.

Improve customer service, reduce risk and liability, settle disputes, verify customer orders and gain key insights–all while maintaining compliance. Already have an audio recording solution? Add more value by integrating Desktop Recording.

DVSAnalytics security features allow you to:

  • Manage individual and group privileges
  • Protect the transmission of the recordings through secure communications with the servers
  • Encrypt recordings
  • Manually scrub existing recordings using the On-demand Scrub feature
  • Permanently remove recorded information from audio and video files
  • Pause recording for specific portions of conversations, based on your predetermined criteria
interaction recording for contact centers
DVSAnalytics interaction recording

Acquire a Complete View of Customer Interactions

Watching how an agent navigates a screen, completes a task, or switches between applications can provide deeper insight than ever before.

Have you ever listened to an interaction recording and something just didn’t seem right, but you can’t put your finger on it? You need to see what’s happening on the desktop to get the complete story. Evaluating recorded interactions becomes much more effective when you not only listen to a conversation, but also simultaneously watch how agents are navigating applications, searching for answers, and entering data.


On-Demand Recording

Add our On-Demand Recording feature to your system to give agents the flexibility to control what and when they record. The easy-to-use app sits on the agents’ desktop, waiting on standby for when they need to put it to work.

DVSAnalytics interaction recording
DVSAnalytics interaction recording desktop recording

Desktop Recording

If you currently use other products to record audio interactions, such as RingCentral Office or Avaya Cloud Office, add DVSAnalytics Desktop Recording to capture the agent’s desktop activity. With this all-encompassing view of the customer interaction, you can measure and improve agent performance, assess the efficiency of contact center applications, and discover new ways to enhance the customer experience.


Captured in 10-minute increments throughout the day, Desktop Recording provides insight into agent activities while assisting customers and during idle times.

Search & Retrieval

Increase efficiency with the data collected from Call Metadata and Desktop Analytics. Leverage the powerful search capabilities to categorize interactions in meaningful ways and easily target recordings that need attention, such as first call resolution, type of sale, excessive hold times, or calls from premium customers. With the friendly user interface, you’ll quickly pinpoint the data you need to drive improvements and celebrate wins.

quality management search and retrieve

Live Monitor

DVSAnalytics Live Monitor provides the ability to listen to specific calls that meet certain criteria, such as those that appear exceptionally long, taken by less experienced agents, and take place between certain support teams and customers.

  • Monitor calls in real-time from any desktop, tablet, or smartphone
  • Listen live to the most important conversations
  • Rewind live calls to play from the beginning
  • View your agents’ current status and call details
  • Add voice commentary to the call for enhanced coaching
  • Secure access for users with proper permission

*This feature is currently only available on-premise.

DVSAnalytics Live Monitoring

8 Advantages of Augmenting Call Recording with QM

See how to leverage the wealth of data captured in your call recordings to improve business decision-making, operations, and agent performance. Download our infographic to see the advantages of adding Quality Management to your Call Recording platform.

Security and Compliance

To satisfy PCI-DSS and HIPAA compliance requirements, Encore’s security features allow you to encrypt recordings, or pause recording for specific portions of conversations, based on your predetermined criteria. This provides you with assurance that confidential personal and financial information is protected from unauthorized users.

Access Control

Manage individual and group privileges via user IDs and strong passwords issued by Microsoft Active Directory.

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)

Secure communications with the servers protect the transmission of the recordings.


Capture all administrative and user activity within the system, including recordings that have been accessed and modified.


256-bit AES encryption is the preferred way to protect sensitive data that needs to remain part of original audio and video recordings. Encore comes standard with full file encryption to help enterprises in all industries meet their compliance requirements.


Permanently remove recorded information from audio and video files using the On-Demand Scrub feature in Encore. Encore’s Web API, eCapture Desktop Analytics application, and Encore Start/Stop client can be used for scrubbing. Plus,  you can manually scrub an existing recording.


ePause uses a rules-based engine to pause and then resume the recording based upon full or partial URLs. This simplified approach eliminates custom programming and related investments required to integrate desktop application actions and the recording process.

Interaction Recording

Recording is the first step in building a compliant environment and
an effective workforce optimization program. DVSAnalytics Encore® undergoes rigorous testing to verify 100% reliability. Records are saved with associated data for easy search and retrieval and can be automatically encrypted for security.