Automated Coaching

DVSAnalytics provides several contact center workforce management solutions to help you optimize your center. See how you can save time and improve performance with eCoaching and eLearning.

Coaching Focused Contact Center Workforce Optimization Solutions

When you choose to use our contact center workforce optimization solutions, you can rest assured that coaching occurs even when supervisors are busy. DVSAnalytics Workforce Optimization solutions are designed to trigger automated coaching assignments based on evaluations. These triggers are sent to agents and track the status of assignments while leveraging existing training materials.

Quick Facts

Take a glance and see how other contact centers have seen improvements when they added our workforce optimization solutions into their daily operations.

In one instance, introducing eCoaching singlehandedly resulted in a team’s overall improvement of:

0 %

When the same contact center added quizzes to assignments, performance improved by:

0 %
automated coaching elaerning


Encore simplifies training and coaching to help solve the problem contact center managers are continually challenged with – finding time to coach agents. Automated coaching assignments are linked directly to eLearning lessons, sample recordings or training documents to make coaching more accessible than ever before. Encore can guarantee that timely coaching takes place, lessening the impact of negative behaviors.
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New eLearning assignments are triggered when an agent’s score falls below the minimum acceptable score for specific set criteria. These eCoaching assignments directly impact agents’ future performance by providing them with a clear understanding of how to improve their customer interactions.
automated coaching quizzing

Measure Improvement

To ensure the eLearning content is effective and the information was truly absorbed by agents, you have the option to conclude each eCoaching assignment with a quiz. eCoaching quizzes measure both agent comprehension of the material covered, as well as the effectiveness of the eLearning content.

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