Data-Enabled Insights for Contact Centers: Speech and Desktop Analytics

Convert Recorded Interactions Into Searchable Data

In the DVSAnalytics Workforce Optimization solutions, Speech Analytics converts recorded interactions, such as voice recordings, into searchable data. This helps target critical areas that need attention for the business and its customers.

Discover more insights with Desktop Analytics. This functionality collects metadata from third-party applications and leverages it to create powerful search capabilities, allowing you to categorize recordings in meaningful ways. Data available in DVS solutions deliver unlimited insights into contact center operations and customer interactions.

analytics searchable data
DVSAnalytics speech analytics

Speech Analytics

The next level of quality management provides Automated Quality Management (AQM) by transcribing audio to text and searching 100% of audio interactions. The result: rich business intelligence regarding agent performance, process adherence, compliance, sales effectiveness, and the voice of the customer.

Desktop Analytics

This software captures metadata from fields in the CRM or other front-office applications and writes that data to the recorded interaction files. Using this software to write data into call recording records provides the capability to track data such as the dollar amount of upgrade sales by agent. This data can be included in trends displayed on dashboards, and used for contests and rewards with Gamification.
DVSAnalytics desktop analytics