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Effective training is essential to the success of any contact center technology investment. DVSAnalytics helps organizations achieve their business goals through our Encore Educational Services program. Our web-based training courses are designed to help your organization develop its workforce and improve productivity.

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  • 1.5 Hours
  • This class will explain how to access and review recordings, providing the understanding necessary to begin using our software immediately.
    • Audio and Video Interactions (Classic Interface)
      • Locate and review voice and screen recordings
      • See related calls, and other important call information
      • Use database filters to find that “one call”
      • Create dynamic playlists to organize recordings by importance
      • Edit records so your agents and others can see your comments
    • Reports
      • Overview of report templates
      • Execute and save a report with personalized labels and filters
      • Schedule reports to execute automatically
    • Audio and Video Interactions (Portal Interface)
      • Use recordings views in the Portal interface
      • Perform classic interface functions in the Portal
      • Create and manage views
    • Other
      • Access online help
  • 3 Hours
  • The advanced class consists of two, separate 90-minute sessions. The first will cover Quality Management, and the second will cover Dashboards and Contests. Completing these sessions will empower users to leverage our software’s most powerful features – including evaluations, automated eCoaching assignments, custom report widgets, and Gamification. Encore Essentials training is a recommended prerequisite.
    • Quality Management – Evaluation Builder
      • Create a library of questions for forms, quizzes, and surveys
      • Build and publish evaluation forms
    • eCoaching and eLearning
      • Create and automate eCoaching modules
      • Associate coaching assignments with eLearning
      • Create quiz forms to pair with eCoaching assignments
    • Conducting Evaluations
      • Set up an evaluation session
      • Other evaluation methods
      • Assign coaching modules without evaluations
    • Encore Dashboards
      • Build “widgets” from reports
      • System widgets
      • Create a dashboard on the homepage
      • Share a dashboard with other users
    • Contests and Rewards
      • Rank reports
      • Contests and contest widgets
      • Rewards, rewards points, and reporting
      • Modify reward points for specific user(s)
  • 3 Hours
  • 1 Hour
  • This class is designed for the IT administrator who will create and maintain the user accounts and group rights for the employees who use DVSAnalytics Encore.
    • Groups
      • Configure viewable fields and search criteria buttons
      • Set security filters and permissions
    • Teams and Users
      • Create and manage agent teams
      • Set individual security filters and permissions
      • Assign groups, teams, and group administrators
    • Other Administrator Functions
      • System configuration settings
      • Bulk export
      • Contest rewards

Encore Online Training

Contact us if you would like to attend an Encore Essential Training session online. Customers and Resellers of DVSAnalytics can log into the Portal and navigate to Education to view the current schedule for all our online Training sessions.


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Melissa B.

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