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To ensure that you are able to fully leverage all DVSAnalytics has to offer, we’ve made a variety of resources available for your contact center. From videos, case studies, datasheets, and white papers, there’s opportunities to capitalize on all insights and information, in a format that is most useful for you.

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Datasheets detail the features and benefits of DVSAnalytics solutions targeted for your contact center.

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DVSAnalytics White Papers provide valuable information regarding the advantages of WFO solutions for today’s modern contact centers.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Workforce Optimization (WFO) is a series of processes used by contact centers to maximize customer satisfaction with minimal operational costs. Workforce Optimization software is typically deployed in contact centers as an integrated component of the existing communications technology infrastructure. The software automates processes, increases data visibility, improves staff performance, provides customer feedback, and helps the company meet industry compliance regulations.

Performance optimization is dedicated to improving agent skills and tuning systems to work as efficiently as possible. Within a contact center, this involves diagnosing issues before they impact operations and addressing the needs of call center agents before performance is degraded, typically through the use of advanced training and eLearning programs.

Workforce Management focuses on enhancing operational efficiency. Through the use of forecasting, scheduling, real-time adherence, etc., Workforce Management software ensures contact center agents and supervisors with the appropriate skill sets are available during peak hours. WFM tools grant increased flexibility to the contact center, allowing it to adjust its workforce to accommodate increased or decreased demand.

Speech Analytics technology provides speech-to-text functionality combined with search tools for the contact center. Among other benefits, this provides Automated Quality Management (AQM) and allows for continuous monitoring of compliance to ensure regulations are met. Automated and manual searches can be built into speech-to-text applications, providing up to the minute reporting (and reviewing tools) on call recordings.

Employee engagement is a management approach designed to create a workplace that supports all members in their daily tasks, enabling them to perform at their best. Properly executed, Workforce Engagement improves team and individual productivity. When employees are engaged, their commitment to their organization’s goals and values are typically improved along with their performance.

eCoaching for contact centers simplifies training and coaching for agents by automatically sending assignments to agents when their skills assessment shows additional coaching is needed. eCoaching software, when combined with a powerful analytics solution, addresses issues contact center managers are frequently challenged with: recruiting, training, outcome-based performance evaluations, personalized coaching, and more.

Contact center Gamification employs game mechanics within operations to motivate and reward employee engagement and employee performance. Properly designed and instituted, gamification motivates agents to complete personal and organizational objectives.

Quality Management is a process ensuring a product or service is consistent. While the focus is on product and service quality, Quality Management solutions also provide insights on achieving the desired outcomes through the use of planning, quality assurance, control and improvement.

Interaction Recording software provides contact centers with secure call recording and screen recording capabilities. Combined with powerful analytics functionality, interaction recordings provide a wealth of customer experience insights. Contact centers typically operate under various industry and government regulations impacting how interaction recordings (speech, text, or screens) are stored and retained.

Encore® is DVSAnalytics Workforce Optimization software solution designed to deliver secure call and screen recording, quality management tools, desktop analytics, speech analytics, and workforce engagement management tools. Encore empowers your workforce, augments your contact center and enhances the voice of the customer in one highly interoperable platform, on-premises or in the cloud.

Contact centers are the frontline of the customer experience. Customers’ perceptions of how they are treated during interactions are key product or services performance indicators. Interactions – via calls, email or chat – directly impact customer satisfaction and loyalty.


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