Improve the performance of your contact center with our quality management solutions! From tools to build outcome-based evaluations, automated coaching, and more DVS Analytics can help you maximize your team’s productivity and potential.

Search & Retrieval

DVSAnalytics makes contact center quality management easy. You’ll be able to organize, retrieve, and review audio and desktop recordings with DVS’ Encore Call Recording & Quality Management applications. Our built-in, dynamic search filters allows agents, supervisors, and business users to search and retrieve interaction recordings according to select criteria. Encore’s search filters categorize recordings so evaluators can easily find what they’re looking for. This makes it easy to identify and resolve issues.

Recordings matching a set of parameters can be added to a defined view and saved for individual use or shared with other stakeholders. Salesforce users can easily locate and review recordings within Salesforce or DVSAnalytics Encore. With our seamless Salesforce integration, you can store key metrics from Encore and link to Encore recordings directly in Salesforce. Metadata from Salesforce may also be stored with the recorded interaction in Encore, providing enhanced analytics to sort and categorize customer interactions.

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Quality management and performance management with DVSAnalytics

Evaluate Interactions

DVSAnalytics’ Quality Management application makes it easy and efficient to assess agent performance, making contact center quality management an easy task. No matter the department, skill set, or overall business KPIs, the goal of any performance review is to uncover areas to improve upon. Encore will help identify those areas and ultimately drive better results.

DVSAnalytics Quality Management includes custom scorecards, calibration tools for consistent scoring, and automatic eCoaching assignments when low evaluation scores occur. Encore Speech Analytics enhances Quality Management even further by scanning audio files for keywords to indicate agent performance on a variety of metrics.

Drive Performance Improvement with Outcome-Based Evaluations

Drive Performance Improvement with Outcome-Based Evaluations


Contact center managers are continually challenged with finding time to coach agents for performance improvement. Encore® Quality Management solves this problem with outcome-based evaluations that automatically trigger coaching opportunities. eCoaching assignments and quizzes are delivered immediately after an evaluation.

With eCoaching you can improve performance, reduce the need for one-on-one meetings, and increase the focus for individual coaching sessions. Contact centers can leverage Encore’s built-in coaching content and supplement with their own to help optimize coaching.

The benefits of Automated eCoaching

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quality management gamification


DVSAnalytics Gamification Engine automates the creation and management of performance-based contests and dashboards. Alongside these competitions, using rewards can further motivate agents towards achieving company initiatives. Encore Dashboards and Employee Contests make it easy for managers to gain insight, see trends, and create incentive programs.

Encourage Agent Improvement With DVSAnalytics Gamification


Speech Analytics technology can transcribe and index the content of all recorded audio interactions quickly and cost-effectively. Adding structure to recorded interactions makes it easier to analyze the contact center and identify issues that affect the whole enterprise.

Using Speech Analytics delivers powerful results and massive return on investment (ROI) in many common applications such as these:

Agent Performance

Scan every single interaction for keywords related to agent performance. Assess ongoing agent performance at the team, agent, or department level. Encore Speech Analytics will make it easier to identify interactions that need manual review, and make coaching and training more effective.
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performance management

Process Adherence

In a similar way, Encore Speech Analytics can measure adherence to contact center procedures and critical industry and legal compliance regulations. Reduce the risk of non-compliance and demonstrate compliance vigilance by analyzing every recording to isolate non-compliant agents and scenarios.

Sales Effectiveness

Improve sales performance by monitoring sales interactions. Encore Speech Analytics can implement analysis of closing attempts, objection responses, and churn indicators. Identify top performers and successful techniques to share with other team members.
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DVSAnalytics speech analytics

Voice of the Customer

On the client side of the conversation, valuable data is waiting to be analyzed. Listen to customer feedback to identify ways to improve customer satisfaction and retention, discover potential problem areas, and receive input on products or services.

ElevateQM – Start Your Speech Analytics Journey

DVSAnalytics ElevateQM delivers more analytics with deeper insights at a cost that fits your budget. The package includes Interaction Recording, Quality Management and easy-to-use, out-of-the box applications for Speech Analytics.

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