Post Contact Surveys

Leverage Encore to Obtain the Customer’s View of a Recorded Conversation

Easily Capture VoC

Capturing the Voice of the Customer (VOC) immediately following an interaction is an invaluable feature in a closed-loop quality management process. Surveys that focus on specific interactions, such as post-contact surveys, are very different from company-wide customer satisfaction surveys, which usually measure the general feeling a customer has about your company.

Post Contact Surveys can deliver immediate feedback on a customer’s most recent experience with a product order, service level and/or individual agent.

post-contact surveys
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Higher Participation Levels

Encore’s web-based survey application sends an email to the customer with a link to the survey, immediately following the call. The survey can be quickly completed from their smartphone, tablet or PC.

This web-based process is more convenient than Interactive Voice Response (IVR) customer surveys. With IVR-based surveys, the customer must stay on the line or receive a call back to complete the survey by listening and responding to voice prompts. Participation rates for web-based surveys are higher, simply because customers become impatient and tend not to complete IVR-based surveys.

Immediately View Surveys that Matter

Encore Post Contact Surveys are an integral part of the Encore Workforce Optimization Suite. Once a customer completes a survey, the results are stored in Encore and can immediately be viewed in the Encore Quality Management application.

A view in Encore can be defined in advance so that surveys with specific results can be automatically categorized and flagged for review. For example, surveys with satisfactory ratings of 50% or below would be saved to the “Low Survey Score” view, notifying managers or evaluators of which recordings need their attention.

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Post Contact Surveys by DVSAnalytics

Compare with Other Evaluations

Encore’s Post Contact Surveys allow businesses to compare internal and external (customer) evaluations. The results can be easily used to improve evaluation and quality management processes. Agents can also complete self-evaluations, then compare with customers’ assessments, providing indirect but effective coaching and encouragement.

Take advantage of Encore’s Post Contact Surveys to gain insight into your customers’ experiences, enhance your quality management process and improve your business.