Why Quality Management Tools Are a Must in Contact Centers

For contact centers seeking to provide their customers with a streamlined and exceptional support experience, Quality Management (QM) tools are essential. QM tools do more than provide oversight; they can help optimize contact center solutions by delivering customer behavior insights and preferences that can improve their overall experience. In this blog post, we’ll explore why QM tools should be an essential part of the customer journey for any contact center.

Why Contact Centers Should Be Investing in Quality Management Tools

Call recording is a staple tool in contact center operations, and investing in QM tools on top of their call recording allows for a wealth of benefits for supervisors and agents. QM tools help identify customer pain points, improve agent performance, and lead to higher customer satisfaction scores.

Once implemented, QM can save time and money in the long run. It allows contact centers to monitor and analyze calls to ensure agents follow company and regulatory protocols while providing valuable insights for process and training improvements. In short, investing in QM tools can benefit customers, operations, and ultimately, your bottom line.

The Features & Advantages of Adding QM to a Call Recording-Only Platform

QM tools provide deeper customer insights than standard call recordings, as they monitor customer-agent interactions. They offer a wealth of features and advantages to help contact centers measure and improve customer service. This includes:

Snapshot Capabilities

With QM tools, views are configurable snapshots complete with filtering options to view and report on recordings, evaluations, system activity, and more.

Built-in Scorecards

Contact center supervisors can rate agent performance quickly and easily, using built-in scorecards to evaluate agent adherence regarding processes and performance.

Targeted Coaching

With QM evaluation tools, contact center supervisors can coach agents at the exact time it’s needed. The system automatically assigns specific coaching content to agents which ultimately improves individual performance.

Speech Analytics Transcriptions

Speech Analytics is optional for QM. It allows supervisors to efficiently analyze call transcriptions by converting audio recordings to text. Plus, top speech analytics tools will allow users to search for specific phrases and keywords.


Agent motivation is a critical factor in contact center success. QM tools can help incentivize agents’ performance by sharing contest results, scores, and more.

Accelerated Onboarding

Contact centers can quickly onboard agents with established benchmarks, a structured review process, and configured training lessons.

The ROI of QM: Does the Tool Pay for Itself?

Quality Management (QM) systems can bring significant value to contact centers, but does the tool pay for itself? The answer depends on multiple factors with all signs pointing to a resounding yes.

Using tools like scorecards allows contact centers to identify which agents need specific, one-on-one training. As a result, supervisors are liberated from constant meetings and agents receive prompt, targeted e-training courses triggered by the Encore system.

Additionally, QM saves supervisors time while increasing efficiency. More efficient agents lead to shorter call handle times, making the contact center more streamlined, requiring fewer agents and saving personnel costs. 

For example, let’s say an agent takes 50 calls a day. Supervisors save around 4 hours a week using QM as it eliminates the need to manually listen to calls to decide which agents need what training. Over a given number of weeks throughout the year, Encore can do the work of up to two and a half supervisors, allowing businesses to save on personnel costs. 

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