Advanced Speech Analytics

Powerful Automated Quality Management for Your Contact Center

With its comprehensive analysis of audio interactions, DVS Advanced Speech Analytics delivers rich business intelligence. Contact centers equipped with this critical data find it’s much easier to quickly assess the health and performance of the contact center.

AGENT Scorecard

Automatically review 100% of your agent calls without listening to a single recording.

Evaluating customer interactions is a critical activity for contact centers. Although manual evaluations provide insight into agent performance, assessing 100% of customer interactions produces even greater intelligence.

The Agent Scorecard uses Speech Analytics technology to quickly measure the performance of your agents.

An Automated Quality Management (AQM) tool, the Agent Scorecard:

Automated Scorecards
Process Adherence by DVS Analytics

Process Adherence

Ensure agents comply with regulations, protecting your business from fines and penalties. 

Contact centers diligently work to ensure compliance with regulations, such as PCI and HIPAA. The cost is just too great to be considered non-compliant, including lengthy investigations, fines or penalties, and even a tarnished brand.

Although supervisors have traditionally relied on a random sampling of interactions to check agent compliance, how can you be confident all agents are observing regulatory procedures?

Process Adherence, an Automated Quality Management (AQM) tool powered by Speech Analytics, can analyze 100% of audio interactions, providing important benefits such as:

4 Advanced Ways to Measure Speech Analytics in a Contact Center

When it comes to leveraging Speech Analytics in your call center, there are 4 advanced ways to accomplish this, while improving ROI. Download our infographic to dive into these 4 ways.

DVSAnalytics advanced speech analytics sales

Sales Effectiveness 

Discover sales techniques that resonate with your customers and fine-tune your product messaging. 

Contact center agents are influencers of your brand daily. They are trained to inform, persuade and assist your clients. To ensure they are maximizing every opportunity, it is important to breakdown and evaluate the conversations your agents are having with customers:

Sales Effectiveness powered by Speech Analytics uncovers deep insights into your contact center’s sales interactions. An Automated Quality Management (AQM) tool, Speech Analytics pinpoints opportunities in the sales process that may benefit from coaching and reveals successful sales strategies you may wish to share with other team members.

Voice of the Customer 

Listen to valuable customer feedback by rapidly evaluating 100% of your customer interactions. 

Millions of customer interactions are recorded every day and each exchange captures essential customer feedback. Voice of the Customer (VOC), powered by DVS Speech Analytics, delivers insights on every interaction by automatically measuring and analyzing customer feedback to:

Turn mountains of data into actionable intelligence by using Voice of the Customer, an Automated Quality Management (AQM) tool, to:

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