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Capture Metadata from CRM or Front-Office Applications for Greater Contact Center Insights

Leverage Metadata from Desktop Applications

Encore Desktop Analytics is a family of applications that adds searchable data to recorded interactions. These applications include Encore eCapture, ePause, Agent Assist, a pre-configured integration with Salesforce, and Web API.

Capture Unlimited Data with eCapture

Using Encore eCapture, data such as customer or patient ID, call result and support ticket number, can be automatically captured from desktop applications, such as CRM systems, and saved into fields in recording files. Using this valuable metadata, eCapture helps you:

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Protect Sensitive Data with ePause

Automatically pause recordings when agents navigate to unique web pages or URL addresses to prevent the recording of sensitive information. Designed with a quick and easy configuration interface, no professional services are required to set up ePause.

StReamline Data Through Powerful Integrations

Encore provides a pre-built application for capturing data from Salesforce that requires little or no configuration. Encore Salesforce Desktop Analytics automatically captures the account name, account number and email address, and saves them to the recording file. With minimal investment, unlimited additional fields can be captured.

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Web API: Available with Every Encore System

Customers that wish to develop their own integration with Encore can use the Encore Web API. Free with every Encore system, the Web API can be programmed to send start/stop events and capture data from third-party software. This method does not require additional Encore licenses.

Connect with Post-Contact Survey

Capture the Voice of Customer (VOC) directly after an interaction concludes with Post-Contact Surveys. This actionable intelligence provides valuable insight to advance the customer experience and improve the quality of service.

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