Interaction Analytics

Analytics Enabled Quality Management for Contact Centers

In the world of workforce optimization (WFO), analytics means converting recorded interactions, such as voice recordings, into searchable data to gain insight into the business and its customers.

Interaction Analytics applies metadata to voice recordings, allowing customization of how calls are categorized, and converts audio to text, delivering unlimited insights into operations and customer interactions.

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DVS Interaction Analytics

Call Analytics

Call Analytics, included with every Encore® WFO system, applies metadata from Encore, UC and Contact Center Platforms to recording files for search & retrieval.

This adds structure to call recordings, categorizing interactions in meaningful ways, such as excessive hold times or calls from premium customers.

Desktop Analytics

Desktop Analytics captures metadata from fields in the CRM or other front office applications and writes that data to recorded interaction files.

These data fields allow for expanded categorization of recordings, such as first call resolution or type of sale, for valuable customer insights.

Speech Analytics

Convert selected audio recordings to searchable text, delivering unlimited insights.

With Speech Analytics, businesses can redact credit cards, better understand the voice of the customer and process adherence, and even replace or reduce the traditional quality management process of filling out evaluation forms.

Why are DVS Interaction Analytics Unique?

 Encore Call and Desktop Analytics

  • Gain actionable insights into KPIs derived from CRM applications
  • Categorize recordings for targeted coaching opportunities
  • Reduce unnecessary investment in Speech Analytics hours

Encore Speech Analytics

  • Convert audio to text, providing insights otherwise not possible with Call and Desktop Analytics
  • Delivers benefits within a few weeks of project start
  • Reduce or replace traditional quality management evaluations of a sampling of calls

A Practical Approach to Contact Center Analytics

Often referred to as Practical Analytics, DVS customers are able to use the essential Call and Survey Analytics out of the box with no additional investment. Speech and Desktop Analytics options can be implemented in a fraction of the time and investment otherwise experienced in the market.

Call Analytics (included with every Encore system) applies metadata from the Encore, UC and Contact Center platforms to record files for search and retrieval. Whereas Desktop Analytics captures metadata from fields in the CRM or other front-office applications and writes that data to the recorded interaction files. Speech Analytics takes analytics-enabled QM to an entirely new level, transcribing audio to text, dramatically expanding search capabilities and providing insights into process adherence, compliance, the voice of the customer, and much more.

DVSAnalytics suggests that businesses first apply Call and Desktop Analytics to group or categorize calls in meaningful ways.

Apply Call and Desktop Analytics to Recorded Interactions

  • Gain insights that are not possible or practical with Speech Analytics while reducing Speech Analytics annual costs.

Insights and Actions Applicable with Call or Desktop Analytics

  • Post Contact Survey scores can immediately be saved as customer evaluations. Using Call Analytics to group recordings with low survey scores, managers can quickly review a call recording and follow up with the customer to improve the experience.
  • Using Desktop Analytics to write data into call recording records provides the capability to track data such as the dollar amount of upgrade sales by agent. This data can be included in trends displayed on dashboards, and used for contests and rewards with DVSAnalytics Gamification.

Optimize Speech Analytics Investments While Avoiding Unnecessary Costs

Example: Missing Compliance Statements

If a business is using Speech Analytics to flag calls where agents failed to read the compliance statement, the business can avoid paying for analysis of thousands of hours of recordings that don’t apply.

Assuming that the compliance statement is required only for calls that result in “sales” and 20% of 200,000 hours of recording per month include sales, the business would only need to analyze 40,000 hours of recordings to achieve this objective. This approach saves thousands of dollars in analyzing calls that are not relevant.

Rapid Implementation

DVSAnalytics Professional Services for implementation and training of Encore Interaction Analytics is likewise practical in both time and investment. DVS believes business’ analytics applications will evolve, becoming more useful and sophisticated over time. For this reason, DVS is focused on getting you up and running as quickly and economically as possible.

From one day for Call Analytics, to a week or two for Desktop Analytics, and typically three weeks for Speech Analytics, customers are realizing and improving on the benefits in a short period of time with minimal investment.

Encore Integration with Salesforce

Leveraging Encore’s Integration, Salesforce users can review Call Recordings associated with cases & opportunities without leaving Salesforce. You can also evaluate recorded interactions based on Salesforce metadata without leaving Encore. The Encore Salesforce Integration is an OUT-OF-THE-BOX solution. No custom development is required.

Practical WFO Solutions for Contact Centers

DVSAnalytics practical Workforce Optimization solutions are designed to improve the customer experience, maximize employee engagement, and deliver analytics-enabled insights into customer interactions and contact center operations. Enhance your contact center with searchable interaction data with Encore Desktop Analytics from DVSAnalytics.