Unlocking Speech Analytic Insights: How Contact Centers Leverage the Power of Speech Analytics

Contact Centers are always searching for ways to improve customer service as well as opportunities to improve efficiency.  Having to do more with less is more the norm than the exception thanks to limited budgets, agent turnover and constantly changing customer needs. Workforce Optimization (WFO) tools such as call recording and quality management applications are integral to helping contact center managers meet their objectives. Call recordings contain untapped data that can help customers transform their business outcomes but they just don’t have the manpower to extract and analyze all of that data. In this blog post, we will discuss how contact centers can utilize Speech Analytics tools to gain better data insights that lead to improved customer service while improving efficiency and effectiveness of their contact center personnel..

Speech Analytics: A Tried & True Technology Over the Years

Over the past two decades, Speech Analytics have become more reliable and proven with each passing year and is now more affordable than ever before. Despite hesitations from some contact centers about cost and complexity, the benefits available for those who invest in this tool are substantial. Using automation to analyze customer interactions substantially increases efficiency.  The technology will help identify trends, uncover insights to improve agent performance, and give supervisors time back to use for other activities. 

Our seasoned consultants work with customers every step of the way, from initial setup to ongoing refinements, while delivering a customized solution that allows contact centers to adapt to changing trends as needed. The truth of the matter is, Speech Analytics is a game-changing technology that no modern contact center can afford to overlook.

How to Best Leverage Speech Analytics for Valuable Data Insights

Speech Analytics can generate invaluable data insights that lead to improved customer service. To make the most of this tool, contact centers can make the following implementations:

Start Utilizing Transcription Capabilities – Keyword Search

Customers can very quickly and easily deploy transcription services with minimal effort and investment.  Your DVS team will guide you through the process of identifying the key words and phrases that matter to your business. From there the system automatically transcribes your call recordings to text then searches those transcripts for those key words providing insights into all of your call recordings without someone having to spend the time to actually listen. The automation identifies trends that you can act on to improve customer service overall as well as indicating where individual agents may need coaching to improve.

Build Custom Applications

Once a contact center becomes accustomed to leveraging Speech Analytics data, custom applications can be built for specific functions such as ensuring processes are adhered to every time, or for shining a spotlight on the “voice of the customer.” Another example is agent scorecard automation which makes supervisors jobs easier by automating the recording and reporting of agent service metrics.

How DVS Customers Make the Most of Speech Analytics

At DVS, we have worked with numerous customers to maximize the value of their Speech Analytics solutions. In doing so, we encourage contact centers to utilize services like transcription, which transforms call recordings into text while enabling search for keywords or phrases identified by the customer.

This service is perfect for contact center supervisors who simply don’t have the time to go through and listen to each and every recording. Essentially, the system will “listen” to all of the call recordings while identifying problematic interactions. The supervisor can then swiftly take action on these calls, ensuring that customer service issues are resolved in a timely and effective manner.

DVSAnalytics: Offering Advanced Speech Analytics & Much More

DVSAnalytics is dedicated to helping our customers unlock the power of Speech Analytics and make the most of their WFO investments. Our advanced Speech Analytics solutions provide customers with easy-to-use search capabilities for keywords, phrases or sentiment customizations. As a result, contact centers can gain valuable insights into customer interactions while quickly identifying potential roadblocks to improved customer service.

Contact DVS today to learn more about how our Speech Analytics solutions can supercharge your contact center operations and improve the customer experience one interaction at a time.