Drastically Improve Customer Service Metrics with Interaction Analytics

Interaction recording is an essential tool at a business’s disposal when providing optimal customer service. By capturing customer-agent interactions, those operating the phones can fine-tune their service delivery and continue to improve their skills.

DVSAnalytics’ Interaction & Call Recording functionality is a powerful yet easy-to-use tool to help your business achieve operational and individual agent goals. This post will discuss the benefits of interaction recording and how it can help organizations of all types improve service levels.

Contact Center Interaction Recording Enables Better Service Outcomes 

According to Salesforce’s annual State of the Connected Customer report, 96% of customers believe excellent customer service builds trust. Furthermore, 88% of respondents say that excellent service is critical when an organization is adopting new technologies or processes. 

Interaction recording allows organizations to ensure their customer service goals are met. By analyzing call recordings, customer service departments can identify areas of improvement and tailor strategies accordingly. This enables them to deliver better service experiences while driving continuous improvement regardless of new processes or systems. 

Encore possesses a wealth of tools designed to manage the quality of service interactions between agents and customers:

Call Analytics: DVS’s call analytics feature enables metadata applications to recording files for improved searchability and retrieval. Now, call recordings have improved structure and can be effectively categorized, allowing for efficient management of agents. 

Desktop Analytics: this feature captures metadata from fields within CRMs or other front-office applications. This includes recordings of first-call resolution and sale type for insight into customer interactions. Desktop analytics will write the data to recorded interaction files, while its data fields allow for expanded categorization of recordings.

Speech Analytics: Encore’s optional Speech Analytics engine can complete automatic transcription of audio recordings and is searchable by keyword or phrase. This will enable organizations to understand their customer better when speaking on the phone, ensure process adherence, and even replace or decrease the need for physical evaluation forms. 

How Encore’s Interaction Recording Helped This DVS Customer 

Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU), a level-one trauma center for adults and children, needed a comprehensive call recording system that captured conversations between patients and admins. Having already invested in an ineffective call recording solution, VCU worked with a DVS reseller to find a new solution for their call recording challenges.

With the help of DVS’s Call and Interaction recording feature, VCU was able to implement a new system that captures all calls from the time they are answered until the patient hangs up. Allowing for greater visibility and tracking of calls when they are transferred to other departments or clinics, the new solution facilitated improved organizational communication across the board.

DVS’s call and interaction recording also helped VCU review live interactions and recordings while maintaining the total security of its records with its PCI-compliant features. Moreover, supervisors had a complete view of the patient journey through different departments, thus enabling them to provide targeted eCoaching and training opportunities. 

Reap the Benefits of Next Generation Interaction Recording with DVSAnalytics

DVSAnalytics helps businesses and organizations maximize customer service efficiency while ensuring privacy and security. Our next-generation interaction recording solution offers a secure way to capture audio interactions and improve customer service experiences.

Organizations that employ DVSAnalytics Interaction Recording solutions can access many features, such as manually scrubbing and rewinding recordings, pausing certain portions of the recordings, providing voice commentary, and much more.

Better service interactions mean improved customer satisfaction, better quality control, and reduced risk. Contact DVSAnalytics today and see how our next-generation Interaction Recording solutions can help you do more for less.