Top 8 Benefits of Workforce Optimization for Contact Centers

As more and more businesses are emphasizing the overall customer experience, it takes more than just a pleasant personality to win the hearts of your customers. To stay ahead of the curve, your contact center team needs to perform at its best, meet customer needs proactively, and efficiently adapt to the constantly-changing dynamics of the industry. 

Workforce optimization (WFO) is a comprehensive set of tools for businesses seeking to optimize performance levels and facilitate smooth customer journeys. This blog will discuss the top 8 advantages of implementing WFO in your contact center. 

1. Improve Agent Performance 

One of the most significant benefits of workforce optimization is that it helps you extract valuable insights from your customer interactions. This means that you can analyze valuable data from call recording interactions to better understand agent performance and what areas need improvement. 

2. Reduce Customer Attrition 

Customer attrition is an issue for any business. In fact, studies show that the average company loses nearly a quarter of its customers to churn each year. However, with workforce optimization, you can proactively monitor customer interactions, identify potential problems, and offer relevant solutions to unsatisfied customers. 

3. Increase Sales 

Another great advantage of workforce optimization is that it can help you generate upsell opportunities. Understanding how to better train your agents and when training is needed where ultimately upselling becomes a natural part of the conversation. This results in higher sales conversion rates and more revenue flowing in.

4. Decrease Errors 

Mistakes can be costly in the contact center industry, but with WFO, you can effectively improve accuracy during interactions. WFO solutions help contact centers adhere to compliance requirements while ensuring that agents stay on track while assisting customers. This reduces the frequency of errors, enhances the quality of customer interactions, and helps you avoid non-compliance.

5. Improve Customer Service 

No surprise here – excellent customer service is a must-have in any sector. By implementing WFO, you can analyze interaction data and voice recordings, identify customer needs, and develop better service offerings to meet their expectations. Speech analytics, in particular, provides deep insight into customer behavior, emotions, and context, which can be leveraged to improve the quality of customer care.

6. Automatically attain the “Voice of the Customer” Perspective

WFO also gives you the ability to get a better understanding of your customers’ views on your company. Transcribing spoken voice recordings into text then automatically analyzing those transcripts for sentiment clues (positive/negative) describing your company, your customer service and/or your products provides critical insights you can react to.

7. Increase Employee Satisfaction and Retention 

Another significant advantage of workforce optimization is that it provides a gamified environment that keeps agents engaged, activated, and empowered. Through training, competitions, and other interactive programs, you can encourage continuous improvement in agent performance, increase employee engagement, and improve retention rates. The user-friendly interface, ease of use, and clarity of the program allow you to create a motivating environment for your workforce.

8. Optimize Staff to Meet Service Levels 

The Workforce Management toolset helps you optimize your daily staffing levels, reducing wasted time and resources. With intraday scheduling capabilities, you can ensure that you always have enough agents to meet service-level agreements, avoid overstaffing, and stay within budget.

DVSAnalytics: Maximizing Contact Center Productivity & the Customer Experience

For contact centers seeking to enhance their productivity and profitability, integrating a WFO solution will help drive improved performance metrics and empower them to make intelligent business decisions. By leveraging WFO, contact centers can increase lead conversion rates, maximize ROI, achieve higher customer satisfaction, and enhance employee experience across multiple areas. From advanced speech analytics to intrinsically motivating gamification tools, workforce optimization ticks all the boxes required to improve performance and generate exceptional customer experiences.

Contact DVSAnalytics today and learn how our WFO solutions can transform your contact center operations.  Or download our infographic to learn more about these 8 ways.