Maximizing Your Contact Center’s WFO Strategy Through Data Driven Insights

Contact centers (and businesses in general, for that matter) are always seeking to maximize their performance and make the most of their resources. A robust workforce optimization (WFO) tool enables this and more, providing data-driven insights for a bullet-proof WFO strategy.

At DVSAnalytics, our team strives to help contact centers make the most of our solutions, offering valuable guidance on how best to leverage our all-encompassing suite of workforce optimization tools. At the heart of our WFO approach, however, lies a dedicated team ready to help maximize your solution to the fullest extent. 

This post will discuss how contact centers can get the most out of their WFO solution and how our team can help each step of the way.

Data Data Data: Why It’s Crucial in Driving WFO Success

An extremely useful workforce optimization strategy we hope to see our customers take advantage of more is using call recording to gather insightful data on customer-agent interactions. In fact, many contact centers use this tool for compliance or dispute resolution without realizing the gold mine of data contained within recordings.

We encourage customers to familiarize themselves with their WFO system’s capabilities and understand its associated use cases and ROI potential. Learning to leverage tools like Evaluations or Transcription can provide rich data regarding agent performance, process adherence, compliance, and the ability to track and quantify data such as an agent’s dollar amount of upgrade sales.

By using analytics tools to identify trends and decipher valuable data points, contact centers can make informed business decisions for their agents and customers, thus maximizing the effectiveness of their WFO system.

How This Customer Leveraged Quality Management for Greater WFO Success 

DVSAnalytics recently assisted a customer with their WFO strategy using quality management (QM) tools. By implementing our Transcription service solution in tandem with their Encore call recording solution, users can automatically search for keywords and pre-identified phrases within the transcription generated. Now, they can benefit from a more efficient and targeted approach to issue resolution. 

Encore’s Call Recording and QM solutions give this contact center and many others the tools they need to organize, retrieve, and review interaction recordings. Using our dynamic search filters, users can easily find what they’re seeking while using the data insights gained to inform their WFO strategy.

DVSAnalytics’ WFO solutions not only encompass QM tools, but also provide an opportunity for eCoaching and gamification. These tools allow for targeted training based on performance evaluations and motivate agents to improve their overall performance. As a result, contact centers can realize success with their customer service outcomes and maximize the return on their WFO investment.

DVS Is Your Go-To Source on WFO Best Practices

Our team at DVS is happy to meet and discuss how businesses just like yours are utilizing their WFO tools for maximum results. This may include determining how these tools could be incorporated into your specific environment or understanding how our solutions work together to maximize WFO system effectiveness as a whole. 

We suggest engaging our team in the following:

  1. Schedule a demonstration to get the complete picture of the features or functionality available in your system.
  2. Be sure to include your business stakeholders in the contact center, including management, supervisors, IT, quality assurance, compliance, and the various departments.
  3. Meet internally as a group to discuss how the functionality and use cases could assist in meeting company and departmental customer service goals.
  4. Work with us on the cost justification of any required investment.

DVSAnalytics: Paving the Path to WFO Success

Contact centers have the power to maximize their WFO solutions potential, and DVSAnalytics is here to help. Our WFO experts are dedicated to assisting organizations in getting the most out of their WFO systems and providing world-class customer service. Whether you’re a current customer or seeking more information about comprehensive WFO solutions, DVS will help your contact center achieve improved customer interactions and lasting success.

Get in touch with DVSAnalytics to maximize contact center success and unlock the potential of your WFO solution.