Recapping DVSAnalytics’ ElevateQM Webinar

In our recent webinar, we explored the transformative benefits of quality management (QM) and how it can enhance contact center services. Our discussion highlighted QM’s powerful impact on a company’s bottom line, from improving agent performance and increasing sales and engagement to reducing customer attrition and increasing employee retention. 

Throughout the session, we delved into the four core components of QM: evaluations, automated coaching, contests, and audio transcription. We then showcased real-world examples of our customers’ success with the system and its return on investment. Join us as we explore ElevateQM with Encore and how to best leverage QM tools for agent success.  

QM Component #1: Evaluations

We first discussed the Evaluation component of our QM program in contact centers. Within the Encore platform, DVSAnalytics provides a comprehensive evaluation system to assess agents’ performance. Rather than listening to all calls, Encore offers the ability to sample interactions using audio and screen recordings, allowing evaluators to observe both what the agent says and what they do.

Encore includes helpful features such as:

  • Score Categories
  • Multiple Question Types
  • The ability to assign and distribute forms to evaluators.
  • Calibration tool to ensure consistency in evaluations between different evaluators.

Some significant advantages of Encore’s evaluation system are its flexibility and robust capabilities. With Evaluations, users can configure and export reports to inform QA and operations teams. Encore also provides access to Business Intelligence tools and dashboard widgets, allowing management to understand the contact center’s performance better.

We then gave an overview of onboarding with Encore and how we make this process as straightforward as possible for new users. Sample questions and forms are available in the product to help users get started. New Encore customers get free training to get started with the platform and require no additional services to get new users up and running. Using evaluations with Encore’s built-in tools, allowing for greater user accessibility, enables a smoother transition overall. 

The goal of the evaluation component is to provide a holistic view of agent performance without evaluating every call. This can be achieved through Encore’s selection tools, which allow selecting subsets of interaction recordings to ensure confidence in assessments. 

QM Component #2: eCoaching

Following our discussion on Encore Evaluations, participants were provided with a detailed overview of the second component of their QM software: Automated eCoaching. This component is designed to support agents in various ways through a comprehensive coaching program. It covers three levels of proficiency, from Basic to Proficient and Advanced, and aims to evaluate agent performance and identify gaps between the demonstrated and expected levels of mastery for their role.

Traditionally, once gaps have been identified, the agent is given targeted feedback and coaching through the use of audio and screen recordings of their interactions. These recordings are then evaluated to determine areas where there is room for improvement, and a supervisor will then work to develop a coaching plan that addresses these deficiencies. 

This process can become extremely time-consuming and reduce supervisor and agent productivity. Fortunately, Encore recognizes that time is of the essence when it comes to targeted coaching. The automated coaching system cuts down on the time it takes to get an agent up to speed significantly by identifying areas for improvement and scheduling the necessary coaching sessions on the spot.

When an evaluation identifies a skill that needs improvement, the corresponding coaching lesson will be sent to the agent. This is done through an email notification, including optional eLearning lesson quizzes. These quizzes track the time it takes for the agent to complete them, allowing supervisors to estimate the time it will take for an agent to improve specific skills.

The lesson content covers many topics and can even include a business’s training content, such as documents or videos. 

Encore’s lesson content includes:

  • Active Listening 
  • Building Rapport
  • Empathy & Tone
  • Staying on Track
  • Handling Upset Customers

QM Component #3: Contests

Contests offer a great way to boost productivity and performance in any organization. For our next topic in the webinar, we examined the use of contests as a powerful QM tool. One of the key benefits of contests is the transparency they offer amongst agents. By sharing performance metrics, agents can manage their performance and take ownership of their work.

Gamification is an aspect of QM that makes contests effective. This technique creates a competitive environment that drives motivation and encourages agents to achieve better results. Our platform provides widgets that display participants’ scores on a leaderboard, allowing for a more interactive experience. 

Furthermore, the Reward Bank feature in Encore allows agents to accumulate points over several contests, which can include call count, hold time, evaluation, and quiz scores. This gives them multiple opportunities to collect and redeem reward points for chosen incentives. Contests provide both extrinsic and intrinsic motivators that can inspire teams to work together better and enhance overall performance.

QM Component #4: Audio Transcription

One of the most vital components of QM in contact centers is accurately gathering and evaluating data. For this part of the webinar, DVSAnalytics outlines our solution with Encore’s audio transcription system. Using speech-to-text technology, the system generates transcripts of all customer interactions, which can be searched and analyzed for specific keywords and phrases.

The audio transcription system is not designed to monitor every single phone call. Instead, it provides a high-level view of all interactions, allowing users to identify which calls are most relevant to their analysis quickly. The system is highly accurate, cost-effective, and practical, making it a worthwhile investment for contact centers.

Using the system, users can quantify and inspect transcriptions with key interactions and supply keywords that help decide the frequency of agents utilizing their skills. Every transcript can be searched, and users can save specific or useful searches that help to guide their QM. Moreover, the system can also help to identify slang or terms that should be avoided during customer interactions.

Ultimately, audio transcription allows contact center management to prioritize which agent skills to improve, resulting in enhanced coaching and training across the contact center. By taking advantage of the latest speech-to-text technology, contact centers can obtain new levels of insight into how their agents interact with customers, enhancing overall QM.

The ROI of QM & Real Life Customer Use Case

Finally, we discussed how the return on investment of QM was reinforced by a real-life customer use case we presented. After implementing our QM solution, our customer’s evaluation scores improved by an average of 37% in just seven months. Within 12 months, the average reached an impressive 70%, while coaching sessions were reduced by 50%, and session time was halved to just 30 minutes. This led to dramatic improvements in operational efficiency. We offered the client complete control over the evaluation process, proving that our solution is effective, practical, and easy to implement.

DVSAnalytics: Providing More Value to Our Customers through QM

This webinar has demonstrated how integral QM is to the success of contact centers. DVSAnalytics’ QM solution, powered by Encore, offers innovative components like eCoaching, contests, and audio transcription, all designed to enhance agent performance and customer satisfaction. The impressive ROI from our real-life customer use case is a testament to our solution’s effectiveness.

Thank you for joining us for this enlightening discussion. If you’d like to explore how DVSAnalytics can help improve your QM efforts and provide more value to your customers, contact our team today.

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