Quality Matters: The Transformative Power of QM In Interaction Recording

In an age of data-driven analytics and technology-led customer service, a reliable Quality Management (QM) system is essential to monitor and improve customer interactions. By utilizing call recording analytics and quality management software, businesses can access powerful insights into how their contact center agents perform.

This blog post will explore the transformative power of QM as we discuss one of our customer’s journeys – from struggling with unknown quality issues to realizing remarkable gains in agent performance through implementing a QM system.

Why Contact Centers Need Comprehensive Call & Interaction Recording 

In today’s competitive market, providing exceptional customer service remains the utmost priority for contact centers. But how do you ensure that your agents are up to the task? The answer lies in comprehensive call and interaction recording combined with contact center reporting and analytics tools.

By capturing voice and screen recordings, supervisors gain valuable insights into customer-agent interactions, allowing them to discover what contributes to their wins and challenges. This helps develop effective training programs, identify high-performing agents, and improve overall customer satisfaction.

The ability to search and retrieve call recordings, categorize them, and even automatically transcribe recordings to better understand process adherence is a game-changer for contact center reporting and analytics. In short, call and interaction recording is essential for organizations striving to deliver quality service.

What is a Quality Management System & How Does It Enhance Call Recording?

A Quality Management (QM) system is the backbone of any thriving call center. Without proper tools in place, it’s nearly impossible to assess, review and improve agent performance. That’s why call center quality management software is so essential. It provides tools that help evaluate and score agent performance while uncovering areas needing improvement. With tools like Speech Analytics, contact center supervisors can identify specific keywords within audio files indicating where an agent may require further training.

With less time for intensive one-on-one meetings becoming less effective, QM systems features like Encore’s Evaluations and eCoaching lessons are invaluable. They automatically trigger coaching lessons after achieving a particular score, making coaching more efficient and effective and while maximizing a supervisor’s time. Overall, a QM system can be transformative, increasing efficiency and improving contact center performance.

Some of the main benefits of this technology include:

  • Process adherence facilitation
  • Improvements in sales effectiveness 
  • Ability to identify areas of improvement based on direct customer feedback 

How This DVS Customer Optimized Contact Center Agent Performance

At Andrew Womack Ministries (AWM), call center quality management software has transformed their faith-based organization’s contact center operations. With the implementation of a QM system, they were able to gain better insight into how their agents were performing when using their multitude of software programs, allowing them to provide targeted coaching and improve overall efficiency.

By utilizing Encore features such as desktop activity monitoring and eCoaching, AWM could assess how their agents navigated their systems on calls and tailor training programs to address any issues or knowledge gaps. This, in tandem with standard call recording, helped to optimize agent performance, leading to better customer satisfaction ratings and increased productivity.

DVSAnalytics: Offering Comprehensive Quality Management Solutions 

Encore with DVSAnalytics provides tools that allow contact centers to gain the insights they 

need to improve agent performance and customer experiences. We blend traditional call recording with advanced technologies functionality such as Evaluations, eCoaching and Speech Analytics, helping our customers create an efficient and effective quality management system process and optimize call center operations.

DVS aims to help organizations create a culture of continuous improvement, one in which agents and supervisors alike can grow and develop, providing outstanding customer service. Contact DVSAnalytics today to start driving customer loyalty and long-term success.