Improving Customer Service Quality: A Case Study on Arrivia

Working in customer service poses a new series of challenges every day. For Arrivia, a travel platform provider, improving its customer service operations was a top priority. Arrivia had to find ways to increase customer satisfaction while minimizing time spent on agent training.

With the help of DVSAnalytics’ Encore quality management (QM) system and call recording solution, Arrivia succeeded in improving customer satisfaction and agent performance. This blog will review our case study on how this impressive feat was accomplished by implementing an advanced QM system at Arrivia.

About Arrivia

Arrivia is a leading travel technology provider that offers businesses a comprehensive travel privileges platform to provide superior travel benefits, booking, marketing, and servicing solutions. With the ability to be used as both a standalone product and a supplement to existing programs, Arrivia’s platform is highly versatile.

Arrivia’s integration with existing systems and loyalty currency configurations provides solutions to hospitality providers, membership organizations, and travel-related financial services with earning, redemption, and booking assistance. This enables them to support their customers with an omnichannel travel experience.

A commitment to customer satisfaction is a primary business differentiator for travel and hospitality businesses like Arrivia. DVSAnalytics has been supporting this company with the tools they need to improve its customer service metrics while saving time and costs.

The Challenge: Achieving High Levels of Customer Service in Arrivia’s Contact Center

Arrivia is a high-volume contact center with up to 1,300 agents during peak season, providing travel-related services to customers. In the increasingly competitive hospitality industry, customer service has become a key differentiator for companies like Arrivia.

To ensure continuous improvement in customer service levels, the company aimed to develop extensive agent training programs for new and existing agents. However, they soon discovered that their call-recording technology was not up to the mark. Inbound calls were not always recorded, outbound calls could not be retrieved, and many of the interactions they did recover were unusable because of audio and synchronization problems.

Despite reassurances from their provider, the issues remained. It was then that Arrivia turned to DVSAnalytics for its additional QM capabilities, analytics, and effective coaching and training methodologies. By implementing DVSAnalytics’ advanced technology, Arrivia was able to identify the root cause of call recording issues and improve its customer service levels.

How Encore Improved its Call Recording & Agent Performance

Encore’s selection of DVSAnalytics’ Workforce Optimization Suite provided an extensive range of benefits, including:

  • Guaranteed recording and retrieval of customer and agent interactions
  • Audio and screen recording synchronization
  • Customizable agent evaluation forms
  • Advanced analytics tools
  • Automated training/eCoaching features

This resulted in a significant enhancement in customer service quality and agent performance. With DVSAnalytics, Encore can easily monitor and improve its customer interactions and implement necessary changes and training to ensure an unparalleled customer experience.


Encore’s eCoaching module resulted in a drastic reduction in supervisor-agent meetings. The system allowed agents to receive coaching assignments based on their evaluation scores automatically. 

The QM tool also includes Supervisor and Agent Dashboards that would enable easy monitoring and management of pending and completed assignments. Encore’s decision to implement this system has led to improved call recording and agent performance, ultimately increasing customer service quality.


As part of their effort to improve agent skills and training, Arrivia implemented a comprehensive eLearning program with the help of DVSAnalytics. Encore provided Arrivia’s team with a library of short, informative video lessons linked directly to evaluation questions. 

Encore’s eLearning program minimized training time while allowing agents to focus on improving service levels. This innovative approach to training and coaching has led to significant improvements in agent performance across the board.

Encore’s QM System Implementation Yields Exceptional Results for Arrivia 

Encore’s advanced QM system produced remarkable results for Arrivia, with agent performance skyrocketing by an impressive 70% one year after implementation. The system’s innovative eCoaching feature simplified the coaching process by allowing agents to review their own recordings and evaluation results, reducing supervisor/agent meetings by half or, in some cases, eliminating meetings altogether.

Additionally, the eCoaching quizzes resulted in more engaged agents, enhancing attentiveness and overall performance. The time and cost savings from the implementation were significant, further highlighting the success of Encore’s QM system. Arrivia’s investment in this technology has paid off tremendously, resulting in exceptional time and cost savings for the company.

DVSAnalytics: Arrivia’s Steadfast Partner in Quality Management 

Arrivia’s success story is a testament to the effectiveness of DVSAnalytics’ advanced quality 

management tools. With the help of DVSAnalytics, Arrivia has seen a significant improvement in customer service while simultaneously cutting costs and increasing efficiency.

DVSAnalytics’ intuitive workflows, analytics capabilities, and innovative training/eCoaching features have enabled Arrivia to thrive in an increasingly competitive hospitality industry, setting it apart from the competition and strengthening its customer relationships.

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