Identifying Customer Interactions That Matter

Server rack for managing data
Efficient analysis of customer engagement data improves the overall performance of a contact center. Even modest contact centers produce large amounts of data from their customer interactions:
  • Call Recordings
  • Screen Recordings
  • Customer Surveys
  • Purchase/Customer Support Transactions
The amount of data generated by a medium or large contact center is a vast gold mine of customer insights.

Mining the Gold in Customer Interactions

It’s not difficult for a contact center supervisor or quality team to separate the positive, neutral and negative customer interactions. But, when you have hundreds, thousands, or tens-of-thousands of customer interactions to review each day, a manual process is not practical. It simply does not scale. The ability to use software tools, designed specifically for contact centers, to automatically analyze this customer experience data, reduces the number of people that you need executing those tasks. With analytics:
  • Interactions can be reviewed in a fraction of the time
  • Every interaction (vs. a random sample) can be reviewed
  • No positive or negative interaction goes un-noticed
Positive customer interactions (happy customers, high survey scores, successful upsells and first call resolutions) can be used as training tools. Negative interactions (unhappy customers, lower survey scores, failed upsells or long hold times) become opportunities for agent training and development.

Contact Center Insights

Contact center analytics software should provide insight into every interaction – call, desktop, survey, and speech. Call analytics should include the ability to populate call data automatically, build flexible, customized playlists, and be interoperable with all major UC platforms. Desktop analytics can automatically write data from major CRM platforms, like Salesforce, to fields in the recording file. Survey analytics can capture customer feedback automatically. Speech analytics turn recorded calls into business intelligence – automatically transcribing, analyzing and storing data – tailored to meet the requirements of your organization.

Encore® Contact Center Analytics

DVSAnalytics’ Encore workforce optimization and engagement management solutions provide a comprehensive suite of analytics tools to quickly and efficiently review every customer interaction. Encore desktop analytics, survey, call and speech analytics transform customer interactions into the insights and business intelligence needed to boost agent performance and improve the customer experience. Encore enables a 360° view of each customer experience. Download our white paper, Blending Speech Analytics with Traditional Quality Management, to learn more about boosting your Quality Assurance with Encore Speech Analytics.