Workforce Engagement

Engage Agents to Elevate the Customer Experience

Are you doing everything possible to keep your agents engaged?

Agent performance directly impacts your business. Exceptional agent engagement yields remarkable customer satisfaction while decreasing agent attrition.

Workforce Engagement is even more important in today’s fast-paced world where customer demands are complex. Responding to them requires a highly trained, effectively scheduled and agile workforce.

Encore® Workforce Engagement

Motivate your agents using the Encore Gamification Engine to automate contests, recognition, and rewards. Empower your agents with customized portals for easy reference and access to the tools they need to improve their performance.


Encourage your agents with contests and rewards.

  • Quick and easy contest setup and administration
  • Flexible and easy-to-use reward management
  • View real-time leaderboard standings
  • Set goals to attain desired rewards
  • Maintain excitement with contest variety

Agent Portals

Provide portal access for agents to accomplish more.

  • Create agent portals with targeted KPI’s
  • Grant agents easy access to bid for shifts and view schedules online
  • Inform agents of schedule changes instantly across multiple channels
  • Display agent schedule adherence data to facilitate self-monitoring
  • Provide access to coaching assignments and quizzes