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Speech Analytics and traditional QA are complementary in today’s contact center environments.  Neither can completely replace the other.  Using both gives contact centers a valuable combination of tools and programs.

DVSAnalytics White Paper

Blending Speech Analytics with Traditional Quality Management

A keen understanding of speech analytics – how it operates, what are its strengths and weaknesses – is essential to a successful deployment and ROI. Traditional quality management, while more labor intensive and limited in scope, has the advantage of being far more precise, but these kinds of questions CANNOT be answered by traditional QA:

  • What percent of the time do agents follow our script?
  • How often do agents mention our brand?
  • How often do customers express satisfaction on calls?
  • How are agent interactions split across call types?
The answers to these questions are only meaningful when the sample size is large – at least 10x what a traditional Quality Assurance program would allow. This is where Speech Analytics software excels.