Voice of the Customer

Gain a 360° View of Each Customer Experience

Successful businesses are always searching for insights into their customer’s experience, listening to the voice of the customer. General customer satisfaction surveys too often fall short due to limited participation and an incomplete perspective.

Enterprises that record communications with their customers have access to a much broader and more complete customer experience. Recorded interactions can provide organizations with valuable customer feedback on their products and services. When the recording solution allows for post contact surveys, the organization also gains direct feedback on specific, individual agent/customer interactions.

Speech Analytics for Customer Insights

Millions of customer interactions are recorded every day. Encore® analytics capabilities deliver insights on every interaction.

  • Understand the customer’s opinion of products and services
  • Identify why customers are happy or unhappy
  • Pinpoint why orders are cancelled
  • Identify unresolved problems
  • Determine upsell opportunities

Customer Surveys on Recent Interactions

Recording solutions with post contact survey software offer a unique opportunity for businesses to gain a 360° perspective of the most recent customer interactions. Links to surveys are automatically emailed to customers at the end of a call and completed assessments are saved in Encore’s Evaluation software database.

When quality teams are evaluating recordings, customer survey results can add an additional perspective to the evaluation process. Survey scores can also automatically flag which recordings need to be reviewed and evaluated.

DVSAnalytics Post Contact Survey

Millions of customer interactions are recorded every day. Encore™ analytics capabilities deliver insights on every interaction.

The DVSAnalytics Encore Post Contact Survey is web-based, with a link to each survey sent via email. This unique approach results in:

  • The ability for customers to complete surveys on their phone, tablet or computer
  • Higher participation since the customer does not have to stay on the line to complete
  • Automatic categorization of survey results within Encore
  • Flagging recordings with unsatisfactory survey results for review
  • Immediate understanding of each customer’s likelihood to recommend the business
DVSAnalytics solutions are designed to improve the customer experience, maximize employee engagement, and deliver analytics-enabled insights into customer interactions and contact center operations.