How DVSAnalytics Goes Above & Beyond for Our Valued Technology Partners

When providing exceptional service and achieving customer success, DVSAnalytics is among the best technology partners in the contact center industry. As an established partner of Avaya, Mitel, Cisco, NEC, RingCentral and Xima, DVSAnalytics is experienced in providing workforce optimization (WFO) solutions that integrate seamlessly with these major communications platforms. Here, we’ll discuss the benefits of being a Value Added Reseller (VAR) with DVS, how we attain our partnerships, and what we bring to the table as a communications technology provider. 

The Benefits of Becoming One of DVS’s Contact Center Technology Partners

As a part of the DVS Reseller family, VARs experience various benefits that position them as a trusted contact center technology provider. Offering a robust 24/7 support team, unmatched affordability and free upgrades, your customer will appreciate the cost effectiveness and reliability that DVS provides. 

By bringing DVS on as an extension to your team, you can ensure integration with all major communications platforms while DVS develops a WFO solution that adds tremendous value for your customers. Equally, our top notch feature-rich solution allows VARs to achieve profitability goals while offering a cost-justifiable solution. 

DVSAnalytics’ flagship product, Encore, is engineered for compatibility with all major communications platforms, making it an easy choice when seeking a contact center WFO solution. It allows for ease of transition, cost savings, and flexibility for contact centers of all shapes and sizes. 

Voice and Contact Center Providers That Integrate with DVS 

Avaya – As a long-term partner of Avaya’s, DVSAnalytics provides Avaya Aura, IPOffice & ACO contact centers with WFO modular product components, including desktop and call recording, performance management, agent engagement, Workforce Management (WFM), and Interaction Analytics.

Mitel – DVSAnalytics is also an MSA Developer with Mitel Solutions Alliance and operates with Mitel’s 3300 ICP integration software, capturing key insights through metadata. 

Cisco – As a member of the Cisco Developer Network, DVSAnalytics partners with Cisco to operate Encore with Cisco UCM, UCCE, and UCCX solutions. 

NEC – DVSAnalytics partners with NEC to offer an integrated solution for Encore, allowing the software to capture and write key metadata from NEC UNIVERGE. 

RingCentral – Encore boosts RingCentral audio recordings by adding synced desktop recordings, providing improved search capabilities, targeted coaching, and agent engagement.

How We Do More for Less for Our Reseller Partners 

DVSAnalytics is distinguished from the competition by our partner-centric focus and our ability to do more for less, which helps our partners provide the best solutions for their customers. We work side by side with partners to make their jobs easier while ensuring optimal business outcomes for their customers. We maintain regular contact with partners through regular updates to inform them of new software releases, marketing programs, and general news in our DVS Partner Newsletter. 

Here are some more ways DVS helps their partners do more for less: 

  • Qualifying customers, providing demos, quote options, and helping close deals while always letting our partner take the lead.
  • Quick response and turnaround time for partner requests and proposals.
  • Offering a price point that’s 30% less than competitors.
  • Providing an affordable and quality WFO solution.
  • Enabling our partners to make healthy margins.

Looking to Become The Next DVS VAR?

By partnering with DVSAnalytics, contact center technology providers gain a feature rich solution that places affordability and functionality above all else. Doing more for less is the name of the game for our team at DVS, and our contact center technology is an excellent fit for businesses with a leaner budget and greater technology needs. Contact DVSAnalytics’ technology partners today and start reaping the unparalleled benefits of a partner-focused company.

DVSAnalytics: Contact Center Recording Solutions That Do More for Less

With DVSAnalytics, companies can unlock a treasure trove of information in call recordings to help them make data-driven decisions while keeping costs low. This is possible with our comprehensive call recording solutions, including QM and Speech Analytics Transcription services, all for less or the same cost of call recording only from competing solutions.

While there are various call recording solutions on the market, businesses tasked with finding the most cost-conscious solution will find DVSanalytics is the best option. With our reliable and affordable call recording software, mid-sized companies and business enterprises can do more for less while still getting access to the best features and QM tools available in a contact center solution. 

Contact DVSAnalytics today to learn more about our call recording solutions and how we can help you do more for less.