Cut Your Call Recording Costs & Do More for Less With DVSAnalytics

Contact center technology is constantly changing and advancing, and many businesses are focusing on improving customer experience through call recording solutions and Quality Management (QM) tools. DVSAnalytics provides comprehensive solutions that help customers save money while getting the most out of their contact center operations for those looking to do more for less with call recording software. 

How to Determine if You Are Overpaying for Call Recording Software

Determining if you are overpaying for call recording software involves identifying cost savings in the initial purchase price, annual subscription service costs, and the yearly costs of a SaaS (cloud solution). With DVSAnalytics, however, customers can enjoy a new, modern system without significant capital outlay through subscription or SaaS. 

Our system’s base package includes call and screen recording; QM and Speech Analytics capabilities are available add-ons. In any configuration it’s a cost-effective solution. Customers can save significantly on initial and ongoing costs compared to older, antiquated systems with higher maintenance rates and fewer features. 

The Best Call Recording Software for Midsize Companies

When managing call recordings, choosing the right software can make or break contact center operations for mid-sized companies. DVSanalytics’ call recording software offers a cost-effective solution without compromising on quality. 

With free ongoing training and software upgrades, mid-sized companies can feel confident in their investment without breaking the bank. And when the time comes to expand its capabilities, DVSanalytics offers seamless and affordable add-ons like QM and Speech Analytics Transcription services. 

How Our Customers Achieve ~30% in Cost Savings for Call Recording Software

For mid-sized companies, finding the best call recording software while staying within budget can be challenging. However, with DVSanalytics, it’s possible to get both call recording and quality management plus additional features like speech analytics transcription services for the price you would for just call recording only. DVSAnalytics’ pricing model is designed to be competitive and cost-effective, meaning that your organization could save up to 30% or more compared to our leading competitors. 

For instance, DVS recently replaced two old competitive systems for one of our customers, and our price for a new system was less than what they were paying for annual maintenance. Like our work with this company, we have given our customers call recording and QM tools to enhance their system’s business intelligence capabilities and improve their customer experience. 

DVSAnalytics: Contact Center Recording Solutions That Do More for Less

With DVSAnalytics, companies can unlock a treasure trove of information in call recordings to help them make data-driven decisions while keeping costs low. This is possible with our comprehensive call recording solutions, including QM and Speech Analytics Transcription services, all for less or the same cost of call recording only from competing solutions.

While there are various call recording solutions on the market, businesses tasked with finding the most cost-conscious solution will find DVSanalytics is the best option. With our reliable and affordable call recording software, mid-sized companies and business enterprises can do more for less while still getting access to the best features and QM tools available in a contact center solution. 

Contact DVSAnalytics today to learn more about our call recording solutions and how we can help you do more for less.