Faced with the COVID-19 emergency, contact center communications are accelerating the transition from on-premise UC systems to cloud-based Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) solutions. While dictated by the need to rapidly enable work from home agents, this transition too frequently results in a lost ability to:

Restoring this functionality is why DVSAnalytics has invested in a Workforce Optimization as a Service (WFOaaS) offering with seamless integrations into RingCentral Office and Avaya Cloud Office, as featured in the RingCentral App Gallery.

Contact Centers with Work from Home Agents

These Office platforms from RingCentral and Avaya include unified communications services with basic voice recording. For contact centers using these platforms, the DVS integrations deliver enhanced recording, advanced search capabilities, quality management tools, practical analytics, and workforce management solutions.

The DVSAnalytics integrations for these platforms automatically import RingCentral and Avaya voice recordings, delivering the ability to quickly locate, retrieve and review specific recordings. Audio recordings from RingCentral and Avaya are synced with agent desktop activity for a 360° view of customer interactions.

Recordings can be used to improve work from home agent performance by evaluating interactions, and providing automated coaching and eLearning solutions. Agent engagement can be enhanced with customized dashboards and contests. Deploying the DVS Speech Analytics solution further enhances workforce optimization with voice transcription and advanced insight into customer interactions.

Workforce Optimization for RingCentral Office and Avaya Cloud Office

DVSAnalytics provides RingCentral Office and Avaya Cloud Office contact center customers access to comprehensive workforce optimization tools to improve the performance of their contact centers, including:

Integrating Salesforce for Work from Home Agents

In many cases, contact centers using RingCentral Office or Avaya Cloud Office are also using Salesforce for their CRM. DVSAnalytics provides a Salesforce integration that links recordings to Salesforce records and more.

A seamless integration between platforms delivers the ability to quickly view a list of recordings based on an account, a case, a contact opportunity or user, and more from within the workforce optimization solution or Salesforce.

The DVSAnalytics integration for Salesforce delivers:

Integrating DVSAnalytics’ Encore® workforce optimization software with RingCentral Office and Avaya Cloud Office is a winning combination for today’s work from home contact center.

Five Ways DVSAnalytics Boosts Cloud Office Communications

Boost the power of RingCentral Office and Avaya Cloud Office (ACO) Contact Center recordings to add invaluable insights into your customer communications [infographic].

Gain a 360° View of Customer Interactions

Sync RingCentral or ACO audio recordings with DVSAnalytics Desktop Recording.

Improve Performance

Analyze recordings and deliver automated coaching to improve agent performance.

Engage the Workforce

Create contests to leverage analytics & evaluations to motivate agents to achieve individual, team & organizational goals.

Provide Real-time Feedback on KPIs

Enable dashboard views of results for immediate feedback to supervisors and agents.

Pinpoint Trends and Take Action

Use Speech Analytics to spot trends and gain critical customer insights to improve business.

Boosting the Performance of Work from Home Agents

COVID-19 is changing the way we work, the way we communicate, and the way contact centers operate. The DVS integrations for RingCentral Office and Avaya Cloud Office significantly enhance these platforms for contact centers.

Visit our Technology Partners webpage to learn more about DVSAnalytics interoperability with major communications platforms.

View our webinar, Supercharge Your RingCentral Contact Center with Workforce Optimization, for more information about integrations with RingCentral Office and Avaya Cloud Office.