Salesforce & Encore: Best of Both Worlds

The combination of Salesforce and Encore® workforce optimization provides the best of both worlds to today’s contact center environment. With a focus on simplifying contact center management’s daily workload, DVSAnalytics provides solutions for interaction recording, quality management, analytics, and workforce engagement. A seamless integration with Salesforce, the premier customer relationship management (CRM) platform, is another example of DVSAnalytics dedication to providing practical solutions for contact centers of all sizes, in all industries.

Why is WFO and CRM Integration Important?

A CRM should ideally be a complete source for all customer interaction information. You don’t want to require agents, supervisors, and managers to log into multiple software suites to learn which calls occurred, or details about a particular contact, account, opportunity, or case number. You want as much information as possible within the CRM application so agents and supervisors don’t have to waste time chasing down pertinent data.

We all know, the fewer applications you have to access to get your job done, the better. Interaction recordings should be available to those who need it. A modern WFO solution provides applications that allow agents rapid access to their recordings. This level of ease for agents and others demands a robust set of permissions and secured access, complete with audit logs.

Security and Access

Integrations with a CRM require comprehensive security measures to keep data safe and compliant. There must be assurances that agents aren’t allowed access to other call recordings. You simply don’t want agents listening to their coworker recordings without management’s approval. However, within a CRM, access is typically based on accounts, giving both agents and supervisors more flexibility in data access.

With a solid integration between the CRM and your workforce optimization solution, you can quickly and easily make interaction recordings available only to those who need them.

If a customer service representative is taking over a call, they need visibility on the customer history – which agents the customer spoke to previously, and maybe a quick review of the interactions. Using only a WFO solution, the agent probably won’t have access to another agent’s call recording. But within a CRM system, because access rules are frequently based on accounts, the agent can access the customer history and even listen to previous calls to learn exactly what was said before they became involved. This can reduce customer frustration and the need to repeat previous conversations.

Shared Data

Agents are more effective and productive when they can quickly access all the data they require in one application. Making CRM data available to the workforce optimization solution, and vice versa, facilitates a wealth of benefits for enhanced searches, agent evaluations, targeted opportunities, and more. You can also easily add the ability to automatically conduct post contact surveys via email because you have all the customer’s contact data in the same location.

From within Salesforce or your WFO solution, you can quickly view a list of recordings based on an account, a case, a contact opportunity or user. The data you need to boost individual agent and contact center performance becomes easily accessible.

  • List of recordings for the day
  • Case numbers associated with a list of calls
  • All the data available surrounding the contact
  • How long the calls lasted
  • If it an incoming or outgoing call
  • Whether it was an internal or external call

A seamless integration between your WFO and CRM puts the information you need where you want to find it. With Encore, powerful search capabilities include using filters within Salesforce to narrow your results to specifically targeted interactions. Ultimately, you simply don’t want to leave the CRM system in order to review an interaction recording. With Encore’s integration to Salesforce, you just click on a link and play the recording.

Securely integrated data and links allow you to pull recordings from the WFO system and play it within Salesforce.

Business Intelligence for the Contact Center

Encore is engineered to simplify management’s daily workload, improve agent productivity and retention while reducing supervisor time requirements. Integrating Encore with NEC contact center solutions is another example of DVSAnalytics’ commitment to software interoperability.

Encore’s integration with NEC allows contact centers to securely share metadata throughout the contact center – call recording, screen recording, desktop and speech analytics. This metadata delivers practical business insights and intelligence into all recorded interactions.

Download our Paul Fredrick case study to discover how the national men’s clothing retailer is using Encore to boost their contact center performance and improve their customers’ experience.