DVSAnalytics Can Help
During the COVID-19 Emergency

DVSAnalytics is dedicated to helping contact centers meet the demands created by the COVID-19 pandemic and national shutdown.

Enable Remote Workers 

Handle Increased Call Volume

24 to 48 Hour Turnaround Time

DVSAnalytics can quickly deploy interaction recording and quality management solutions for your remote workforce. Contact us at 800.209.1271, email Sales@dvsanalytics.com, or fill out the form on this page.

Current DVSAnalytics Customers

  • Expand current remote workforce
  • Quickly provide additional recording licenses
  • If applicable, DVSAnalytics will waive SWA on these licenses until the renewal date for the base system

New Customers

  • Subscription service combined with customer-provided virtual server or environment
  • Operates side-by-side other recording or workforce optimization software
  • UC platform agnostic

RingCentral Customers

  • DVSAnalytics integrates seamlessly with RingCentral UCaaS
  • Automatic import of RingCentral voice recordings enhances ability to locate, retrieve and review
  • Record desktop activity (sync with voice recordings) for a 360° view of customer interactions

DVSAnalytics Can Help Throughout the COVID-19 National Emergency

The agility and flexibility of solutions that can interoperate and work side-by-side with existing communications and workforce optimization software has never been more important. These capabilities allow contact centers to rapidly scale to meet the increased demands for remote agents and increased call volumes during the COVID-19 national emergency.


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