7 Benefits of Workforce Management Solutions

contact center agent scheduling

Workforce Management solutions are an integrated set of business processes that optimize the productivity of agents and employees. In contact centers, this means forecasting, scheduling and adherence tools that help streamline the staffing process while maintaining service level objectives such as:

  • Average Speed of Answer
  • Abandonment Rate
  • Response Time (non-voice)
  • First Contact Resolution

Working with the right Workforce Management solution helps management match the needs of their workforce with their contact center’s goals.

Webinar: Hit Your Service Level Objectives with Streamlined Staffing

How your contact center staff is organized and managed affects their ability to perform. This, in turn, impacts your progress when working toward your service level objective goals. Encore® Workforce Management solutions are designed to help contact centers meet their goals and streamline staffing.

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Workforce Management Tools for all Roles

WFM solutions include a multitude of tools for use at all levels throughout the contact center; by Administrators, Supervisors, Analysts, and Agents.

For staffing forecasts, WFM solutions draw upon historical data, specific to your contact center. Using a step-by-step process, WFM software considers the historical data you choose to include – such as contact volume, handle time, service objectives and shrinkage percentages – to produce a variety of forecasts or staffing plans.

The WFM software then takes your chosen forecast/staffing plan – which represents the demand for your specific contact center – and matches it to the staff you have available. This process takes into consideration all available schedules, whether they are part-time, full-time, working a flexible schedule, or a rotating schedule. From this accumulation of data, the Workforce Management software creates an optimized schedule for your contact center to hit your service level objectives while fulfilling the needs of your customers.

Adherence and optimization software pulls real-time data directly from the unified communications platform and the automatic call distribution solution. From the data, it reports on real-time schedule adherence. This allows for intraday schedule adjustments.

Agent portals and communication tools allow agents to view their individual performance/adherence, on desktop software or using a mobile app. These tools also enable agents to easily view their schedule, any intraday changes, quickly receive notifications, or submit requests for time off.

Seven Benefits of Workforce Management Solutions for Contact Centers

Surpass your contact center service level objectives while streamlining staffing with the help of Encore Workforce Management solutions.

1. Forecast Staffing Needs

Multiple forecasting methods – dynamic, static, date range, excel data, manual data entry – factor in fluctuating demand, service levels, etc.

2. Single or Multi-Skilled Forecasting

Compare efficiency of single versus multi-skilled staff plans and accurately schedule agents with needed skills.

3. Flexible Scheduling

Flex the schedule with intra-day management, and quickly notify agents of changes.

4. Real-Time Agent Adherence

Monitor schedule adherence for improved agent productivity.

5. Agent Portals

Quickly and easily communicate with your workforce via Agent Portals, including mobile apps.

6. Ease of Integration

Use data targets to extract key data per your schedule and share it with other systems; automatically integrate with optional API.

7. All-Inclusive Licensing

Encore provides unlimited supervisor & scheduler licenses.

View the DVSAnalytics webinar – Hit Your Service Level Objectives with Streamlined Staff – on demand to learn more about Workforce Management solutions and what they can do to help boost your contact center performance.