Agent Portals

Empower & Engage Your Contact Center Agents

Engaged, empowered agents lead to improved contact center operations and enhanced customer experiences.

Customize Agent Portals for easy reference and access to the tools agents need to improve their performance and reach their immediate and long-term goals.

Encore® Agent Portals

Put your agents into the driver’s seat. Customized Agent Portals provide an efficient, powerful means to engage your workforce.

  • Access Agent Portals from a mobile device or in the portal
  • Agents can view schedules online
  • Agents can bid for favorite shifts
  • Inform Agents of schedule changes instantly on multiple channels
  • Customized Agent Portals display targeted KPIs
  • Agent can monitor their own schedule adherence data
  • Provide instant access to eCoaching tools

Improved Motivation

Powerful Agent Portals help motivate agents, providing them access to all the information they need to control and improve their performance. From contest rankings to real-time adherence and eCoaching, Agent Portals can help engage your workforce.

  • Access to real-time contest leaderboard standings
  • Set their own goals for desired performance and rewards
  • View their banked points to monitor progress toward their goal
  • Gain immediate feedback on their understanding of eCoaching materials

Encore Agent Portals engage your contact center workforce with the tools they need to monitor their own performance, set work schedules, and attain their goals.

DVSAnalytics solutions are designed to improve the customer experience, maximize employee engagement, and deliver analytics-enabled insights into customer interactions and contact center operations. Engage your employees with Agent Portals that put them into the driver’s seat. Elevate customer experiences with Encore Workforce Engagement solutions from DVSAnalytics.