Workforce Management

Agent Portals, Forecast, Schedule, and Real-Time Adherence

Easily schedule contact center staff to meet service level objectives while controlling costs with Encore® Workforce Management software.

Encore Workforce Management

Encore leverages cutting-edge technology and unique, innovative features to create forecasts and schedules for single or multiple skill groups and contact centers. While setting a new standard for ease of use, Encore enables your team to interact and collaborate while executing your unique workforce management strategy.

Encore Workforce Management solutions from DVSAnalytics integrate with 20+ communication platforms. Encore provides all-inclusive licensing, including real-time adherence. Additionally, Encore includes unlimited site, supervisor and scheduler licenses.

Forecast Staff Plans

Encore Workforce Management offers a powerful and competitively distinct forecasting feature providing all the support you need to accurately and definitively staff your contact center. It’s an elegant “what if” analysis toolkit unlike any other in the industry. Features for creating staff plans include:

  • Service level objectives
  • Shrinkage profiles
  • Single or multi-skilled forecasting
  • Multiple forecasting methods – dynamic, static, date range, excel data, manual data entry

Flexible Agent Scheduling

Scheduling with Encore Workforce Management is flexible and simple to use. Easily configured to illustrate a variety of scheduling cultures and processes, the software can readily align them against an unlimited number of forecasted staff plans. Scheduling features include:

  • Schedule bidding for agents
  • Scheduling unnamed agents
  • Five scheduling methods – fixed, floating, rotating, composite, common day floating

Real-Time Agent Adherence

It has been demonstrated time and again that 10%, 20% and even 30% increases in agent adherence may be achieved through the use of advanced adherence tools. In a 100-agent contact center, a 10% increase in agent productivity is the equivalent of adding ten agents into the schedule pool, without having to hire a single person.

DVSAnalytics solutions are designed to improve the customer experience, maximize employee engagement, and deliver analytics-enabled insights into customer interactions and contact center operations. Empower your contact center, on-premise or cloud, like never before with Encore Workforce Management solutions from DVSAnalytics.