Workforce Management

Forecast and Schedule Staff; Monitor with Real-Time Adherence

Easily schedule contact center staff to meet service level objectives while controlling costs with Encore®
Workforce Management software in the cloud by DVSAnalytics.

DVSAnalytics Workforce Management

With its all-inclusive licensing, DVSAnalytics Workforce Management enables you to accurately forecast and efficiently schedule your team, whether on-premise or working from home, and monitor your staff with real-time adherence.

DVS Workforce Management delivers significant benefits while executing your unique workforce management strategy:


  • Bursting – Scale resources up or down, on demand, to manage seasonal needs
  • Low TCO – Remove expensive hardware costs from your balance sheet and reduce the burden on IT staff
  • Secure & Reliable – Protect data with dependable cloud infrastructure
  • Automatic Updates – Receive free software upgrades automatically

Accurately Forecast Staff 

Create forecasts based on historical trends for your single or multi-skill, omnichannel contact center. The intuitive interface provides step-by-step guides for users to onboard quickly. DVS Workforce Management streamlines forecasting for first-time analysts and proven professionals.

Optimize Agent Scheduling

Schedule your single or multi-skill agents in the best role possible to achieve high service levels for your customers. Manage multiple shift types, even rotational shifts, with ease. DVS Workforce Management delivers flexibility with intra-day management of agent schedules or activities.

Real-Time Agent Adherence

Gain immediate insight into agent performance by viewing current versus planned activities. With its responsive design, DVSAnalytics Workforce Management is available on desktop, tablet and mobile devices allowing you to access your contact center performance from any location. Act swiftly and make informed decisions based on real-time data.

DVSAnalytics solutions are designed to improve the customer experience, maximize employee engagement, and deliver analytics-enabled insights into customer interactions and contact center operations. Empower your contact center, on-premise or cloud, like never before with Encore Workforce Management solutions from DVSAnalytics.

Decrease Staffing Costs While Increasing CX

DVSAnalytics Workforce Management rises to the challenge, helping you build a high performing, efficient workforce. Ready to learn more about implementing Workforce Management at your contact center?
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