6 Customer Experience Challenges Every Organization Faces

Infographic 6 Common Contact Center Issues Solved
The first thing any organization should look for in software to improve the customer experience (CX) in their contact center is flexibility and interoperability. Workforce optimization (WFO) and workforce engagement management (WEM) software is designed to enhance the CX and boost operational performance. A WFO/WEM solution should seamlessly integrate into your existing UC platform and contact center software, on-premise or in the cloud, from small teams in an informal environment to enterprise-class contact centers handling millions of calls, emails and chats a month.

6 Core Contact Center Capabilities for Today’s Market

We’ve been at the forefront in this technology for over 30 years. Along the way we’ve seen many approaches, some good and some bad. Beginning with interoperability, we have boiled it down to six additional key capabilities you should be aware of when considering a WFO/WEM solution to boost the customer experience for your organization.

Infographic illustrating 6 solutions for contact center operations.Identify Customer Interactions that Matter

Flag interactions with unhappy customers and, if necessary, take immediate action.

Improve Employee Performance

Cut supervisor/agent time up to 50% with eCoaching.

Ensure Compliance & Reduce Risk

Comply with security requirements for PCI, HIPAA and other regulatory bodies with compliance tools.

Enhance Workforce Scheduling

Forecast to meet your service level objectives and quickly implement intraday scheduling changes.

Resolve Disputes

Easily locate specific voice and screen recordings to quickly resolve misunderstandings.

Increase Employee Engagement

Engage your agents while increasing their job performance, satisfaction and sales rates with engagement tools.

Encore® WFO/WEM Software

At DVSAnalytics we focus on developing WFO/WEM solutions to:
  • Improve the customer experience
  • Maximize employee engagement
  • Deliver analytics-enabled insights into customer interactions and contact center operations
Our goal is to deliver a user-friendly, seamless experience for agents and supervisors. Digital tools designed specifically for contact centers to increase agent engagement, improve your customers’ experience, and provide powerful insights into your operations and customer interactions.

Improved Operation Efficiency and Cost Savings

A solution like Encore WFO/WEM allows agents to quickly review recordings and encourages self-improvement with automated evaluation and coaching solutions without requiring a meeting with supervisors. It can reduce both agents’ and supervisors’ quality analysis time by 50%, resulting in a financial savings of thousands of dollars per month. Adding robust screen recording capabilities to call recording to boost your quality assurance process can result in dramatically improved agent call flow and locate process issues within your CRM software. It can result in reduced hold times and decreased overall talk time, creating even more financial savings. Beyond helping your organization maintain compliance, a WFO/WEM solution designed specifically for contact centers can quickly deliver a substantial ROI.

Beyond Call Recording – Speech Analytics

Our latest white paper, Blending Speech Analytics with Traditional Quality Management, examines speech analytics technology, how it fits into contact center operations, and why understanding its strengths and weaknesses is essential to a successful deployment and return on your investment. Visit our Case Studies webpage to see how other organizations are using Encore to boost their operations.