Using Gamification in Contact Centers

6 benefits of Gamification for Contact Centers

People don’t typically reach out to contact centers unless they need help solving a problem. Providing solutions for other people demands an informed, helpful and cheerful attitude on the part of contact center agents. It’s easier than ever before to inject a little fun into your contact center, helping agents keep a great attitude while maintaining optimum performance and efficiency.


Contests are proven motivators, but have traditionally taken a significant amount of time to create and administer. A gamification solution automates much of the heavy lifting involved with performance-based contests, providing opportunities to run contests more frequently than ever before.

Goals, participants, time frames, ranks, and even the rewards themselves can be easily configured and automated. Progress can be updated in near real-time. Teams and individual agents can access leaderboards to check their standings, while individuals can also privately review their performance relative to the rest of their group.

6 Benefits of Gamification in Contact Centers

Gamification software improves agent engagement and efficiency, enhancing the customer experience and boosting contact center performance.

Games Are Fun!

Use game mechanics to enhance efficiency and engagement while reducing agent boredom.

Improve Agent Performance

Use contests to motivate agents with rewards for meeting contact center goals and boosting key performance indicators.

Keep Agents Informed

Use employee leaderboards to keep teams aware of business goals as well as top performers and contest status.

Reinforce Training

Incorporate training materials into contests with eCoaching and eLearning components.

Reward Success

Announce rewards in advance and allow agents to redeem earned points, all within the Encore solution.

Automate Contests

Eliminate the time-consuming manual process of administering contests with Encore.

Agent Evaluation & Training

Gamification software can work in association with automated evaluations, eLearning and eCoaching to boost agent skills without large demands on supervisors’ time. These tools allow agents to learn in small chunks and single subjects, at their desk during down times, without having to move to a training room.

Using a gamification solution in combination with these other digital tools rewards agent progress, providing a fun alternative to motivate and engage your workforce. Gamification allows supervisors to monitor agent performance while simultaneously rewarding them when tasks are completed to the contact center’s standards.

Increased Engagement = Increased Performance

Gamification can make work fun, but how does it boost performance?

Keeping agents motivated and engaged is one of the biggest challenges to maintaining high efficiency and KPIs. Careful analysis of the contact center’s current programs/incentives in tandem with its primary business goals supplies the building blocks for its contests.

Employee contests (gamification) reduce boredom, provide daily (even hourly) slices of motivation, and reminders of larger goals and rewards. These benefits increase agent engagement which translates directly into increased contact center performance.

Case Study: ICE

As with any high-end hospitality business, competition in the travel-vacation industry is ever present and customer service is a major differentiator. International Cruise and Excursions, Inc. (ICE) faced the challenge of continuously improving the quality of agent/customer interactions in their busy contact center.

Download the International Cruise and Excursions case study to learn more about how ICE uses the Encore eCoaching solution to boost agent performance and improve the quality of agent/customer interactions.

Encore® Gamification software from DVSAnalytics promotes friendly competition while motivating and rewarding your contact center agents.