Contest Management, Dashboards

Encore® Dashboards and Employee Contests make it easy for managers to gain insight, see trends, and create incentive programs.

Contact centers collect a vast amount of data. The ability to view and leverage the analysis of that data enables your business to continuously improve.

Encore dashboards from DVSAnalytics provide real-time collections of information and trends that are important to you. Also, with the addition of the Encore Gamification Engine, dashboards become a motivational tool and the go-to place to redeem awards and see who’s leading in the latest contests!

Encore Dashboards

In an increasingly busy and competitive marketplace, access to answers and new-found efficiencies are powerful tools. Encore dashboards provide one location to view key metrics as widgets, analyzed and represented graphically.

Dashboard Overview

Gain immediate insight into your most important data points. Whether you’re interested in internal performance trends or market feedback to hone your business strategy, answers are available at a glance.

Compare Agent Performance

Know which agents are performing best and which may need extra attention.

Monitor Customer Responses

Track the progress of business initiatives by gauging how customers are responding.

Transparency for Agents & Supervisors

Provide common dashboard views of real-time performance for both supervisors and agents.

Gamification: Performance-Based Contests and Rewards

The Encore Gamification Engine automates the creation and management of performance-based contests and rewards to further motivate agents toward achieving company initiatives.

Automate Agent Contests

Eliminate the time-consuming, manual process of administering contests.

Improve Agent Performance

Realize unprecedented contest-inspired performances with a capacity to host contests more frequently.

Recognize Agent Achievement

Keep teams aware of their top performers and contest contenders with leaderboards.

Reward Agent Success

Define rewards in advance and allow agents to redeem earned points, all within Encore.

DVSAnalytics solutions are designed to improve the customer experience, maximize employee engagement, and deliver analytics-enabled insights into customer interactions and contact center operations. Empower your contact center with dashboards, contest management, and gamification solutions from DVSAnalytics.