eCoaching in Contact Centers

Cocktail on the beach, saving time and money with eCoaching
The on-going digital transformation in today’s market combined with an increasingly empowered agent workforce has created a clear need for eCoaching solutions in contact centers. Every contact center faces the challenge of training their agents. Developing training materials, administering training, grading, tracking, updating content, building refresher courses – all are expensive, time consuming endeavors. Automated training tools, such as eCoaching, learning management systems, and content libraries can help shift some of the load off supervisors. Contact centers can build in-house capabilities to deliver training, surrender control and outsource the training process, or use a hybrid approach, blending the two methodologies.

8 Advantages of eCoaching in Contact Centers

eCoaching is a 21st century solution for boosting Quality Management, improving the performance of individual agents and the contact center as a whole, no matter the size or industry. [infographic]

Automated Assignments

Build automated eCoaching assignments based on individual agent evaluations and pre-determined triggers.

Customized Lessons

Develop lessons and training tailored to the specific needs of your agents with a focus on single topics.

eCoaching Quizzes

Use quizzes to assess the effectiveness of an eCoaching lesson.

Jumpstart with Sample Lessons

Quickly initiate an eCoaching program with universal soft skills modules such as active listening, empathy, tone and building rapport.

Track Agent Progress

Reduce long-form training with short, topical lessons using a variety of media, allowing you to track agent progress over time.

Reduced Demand on Supervisors

Assure individual agent coaching occurs when needed, even when supervisors are busy or unavailable.

Provides Supervisor Agility

Supervisors can create short, simple lessons and deploy on demand rather than building monolithic training sessions.

Outcome Based Evaluations

Promote successful outcomes by including eCoaching assignments on company initiatives and goals. The Encore® eCoaching solution from DVSAnalytics ensures ongoing agent coaching continues as needed, without waiting for quarterly or one-on-one training sessions and meetings.

eCoaching for Contact Centers and Agents

eCoaching solutions benefit individual agents and the contact center as a whole. Designed to aid training for specific topics in bite-sized chunks, eCoaching makes it easy to track agents’ understanding of subjects over days, weeks and months. This allows the contact center to reduce the time and effort required for traditional long, all-inclusive training sessions, replacing them with short, focused lessons using a variety of media. Automating the process saves time and reduces costs while boosting performance in the workforce. Rather than waiting for a regularly scheduled training or one-on-one meetings long after a troubling interaction, eCoaching can generate and assign training when needed. From the agent’s perspective, shorter, single-topic trainings are easier to absorb and retain. They can be taken in the gaps between in-queue times or other daily activities, and prioritized appropriately.

International Cruise and Excursions

As with any high-end hospitality business, competition in the travel-vacation industry is ever present and customer service is a major differentiator. International Cruise and Excursions, Inc. (ICE) faced the challenge of continuously improving the quality of agent/customer interactions in their busy contact center. Download the International Cruise and Excursions case study to learn more about how ICE uses the Encore eCoaching solution to boost agent performance and improve the quality of agent/customer interactions.