Practical Analytics for Contact Centers

Analytics on computer desktop
The market is flooded with analytics. Solutions abound. Wherever you find digital transformation in contact centers, you find a wealth of analytics options. What differentiates one solution from another? Begin with value. Analytics should provide insights. The insights contact centers require to optimize operations, reduce management’s daily workload, and boost agent performance. Insights that do not require already busy IT staff to interpret. Analytics that work equally well, on-premise or in the cloud. What we at DVSAnalytics call practical analytics.
PRACTICAL Of or concerned with the actual doing or use of something rather than with theory and ideas. ANALYTICS The systematic computational analysis of data or statistics.
Ultimately, practical analytics solutions should provide value by helping to streamline contact center processes and ensure compliance.

Desktop Analytics for Contact Centers

Beyond insights, analytics solutions can help organizations protect sensitive information such as credit card data, social security numbers or personal health information during screen and call recording. Practical analytics should provide the capability to pause interaction recording (call, screen or both) during the collection of sensitive information, automatically or manually, to maintain compliance with HIPAA and PCI. Encore® Desktop Analytics are engineered to deliver a wide variety of business processes to contact centers to enhance and streamline operations. Encore solutions achieve this by adding searchable data, and ensuring the right data is captured from the desktop during a recorded interaction.

Business Process Improvement

Encore Desktop Analytics can automatically identify recordings with specific call results, including cancellations, no sales, and first call resolutions.

Denial of Service Complaints

Analytics delivers the ability to rapidly locate all conversations relating to a request. In healthcare, for example, a request to transfer a patient into a hospital.

Fraud Alerts

Desktop Analytics can flag multiple calls in a short time period on the same account number. In the financial sector, these alerts can significantly reduce fraud.

“He Said/She Said” Disputes

Quickly locate all customer-specific communications relating to a specific interaction or transaction. The value of this feature quickly becomes apparent in all industries, particularly in matters of compliance.

Government Agency Audits

Desktop Analytics allows you to quickly locate recorded interactions (call or screen) for specific patients/customers. Agencies such as CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) frequently request voice documentation for specific recipients to verify process adherence.

Speech Analytics for Contact Centers

Encore Speech Analytics provides the ability to quickly analyze the voice data of customer interactions for compliance, quality assurance, customer experience, and more [infographic].

Automated Speech-to-Text Transcription

Convert 100% of voice data, including customer service interactions and outbound sales calls, into searchable text to deliver valuable insights.

Enterprise Search Capabilities

Pinpoint important calls with text-based keyword Search using advanced metadata filters like gender, emotion, and silence time.

Engineered for the Contact Center

Use automatic speaker separation, emotional intelligence, and gender identification to better understand the voice of the customer.

Automated Redaction for Industry Compliance

Find and remove sensitive numerical data from recorded audio, text, or both, to meet compliance.

Efficient Web-Based Interface

Discover insights with real-time updates of search results and intuitive graphs. Compare agent performance on key metrics.

Practical Analytics for Actionable Insights

Practical analytics deliver actionable insights without interpretation by IT staff, statisticians, or specialists. These analytics allow contact centers to identify trends, similarities, and anomalies within interaction records. Enhanced metadata fields enable contact centers to connect disparate recordings using a common identifier such as customer number, patient number, closed/won/lost status, support ticket or case number. This type of metadata enhances quality management, including search capabilities to sort, catalogue and easily locate specific data. Practical analytics, Desktop and Speech, deliver valuable insights into contact center customer interactions, streamline business processes, boost quality management, and help maintain compliance, on-premise or in the cloud.

Speech Analytics White Paper

Using Speech Analytics combined with Desktop Analytics and traditional QA can provide the answers to questions that only become meaningful when the sample size is large – far larger than a traditional Quality Assurance program would allow. Download the DVSAnalytics white paper, Blending Speech Analytics with Traditional Quality Management, to learn more about using Speech Analytics to boost contact center performance.