Multiple Applications, Processes & Priorities in Contact Centers

Intricate structures and patterns in building
Andrew Wommack Ministries’ (AWM) contact center receives 1,200 –1,500 calls per day for two departments. One department assists ministry partners with purchasing products and learning more about the ministry. The other serves as a crisis line to assist individuals with immediate needs, prayer and encouragement.

Audio Only Call Recording

A major challenge for AWM’s contact center was teaching agents how to navigate through multiple software programs. They have unique processes for different types of calls. Agents have to be highly competent and efficient with the software and processes. AWM decided the best way to improve agent performance was to not only listen to recorded interactions, but also to view the associated desktop activity taking place during the call. The ability to review screen/desktop activity was a priority for evaluation forms and tools to subsequently reinforce best practices and coach agents on process improvement.

“Now, instead of just surmising what an agent may be struggling with, we can actually see how they are using the software, equipping us to better train our agents.”

Andrew Wertz AWM Phone Center Operations Manager Andrew Wommack Ministries

Another key requirement was a seamless integration with their existing NEC UNIVERGE SV8300 unified communications platform. After researching multiple workforce optimization (WFO) solutions, AWM chose Encore® from DVSAnalytics.

Syncing Voice Recordings to the Agent Screen for a 360° View

Listening to an audio recording can give a supervisor a clue of something amiss, but without being able to see what’s happening on the desktop, you don’t get the complete story. Evaluating interactions becomes much more effective when you not only listen to a conversation, but simultaneously view the agent moving between applications, searching for answers, and entering the customer’s data. Watching how an agent navigates a screen, completes a task, or switches between applications provides management with the insights required to improve agent performance. Opportunities for additional training, process improvement and application optimization are revealed by reviewing a 360° recording of customer interactions. This is vitally important for AWM’s contact center crisis line.

7 Reasons to Explore Encore

Encore delivers priceless insight into every interaction, no matter the size or industry, to improve Contact Center performance and the customer experience.

Flexible and Scalable

Encore is built to meet your organization’s needs – from 10 agents to 10 thousand – in the cloud, on-premises, or as a managed service.

Robust Integrations

Encore is engineered for integrations with major communications platforms in contact centers and leading CRMs like Salesforce.

Implementation Services

DVSAnalytics’ professionals understand every customer has a unique set of requirements for their contact center.

90 Day Health Check

Encore includes a 90 day review of your system, software assurance benefits, progress report on user adoption, and questions on how to improve Encore to meet your needs.

Support & Training

24x7x365 Technical Support, free software updates, and online training programs for agents, supervisors and administrators.

Easy-to-Use Interface

Encore is designed with the user in mind – agents, supervisors and administrators – with easily customizable scorecards, reports, and dashboards.

Discover the Value in Your Recording Data

Even modest contact centers produce large amounts of data – measure what matters in your customer interactions with Encore analytics.

Case Study: Andrew Wommack Ministries

DVSAnalytics practical WFO solutions are designed to improve the customer experience, maximize employee engagement, and deliver analytics-enabled insights into customer interactions and contact center operations. Download DVSAnalytics’ Andrew Wommack Ministries case study to learn how AWM achieved a new, higher level of quality and performance in their contact center interactions, boosting their customers’ experience.