Maintaining Contact Centers During a National Emergency

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The COVID-19 national emergency is forcing us all to change the way we work almost overnight. Many contact centers are facing an immediate and on-going need to enable remote agents and accommodate increased call volumes. DVSAnalytics is dedicated to quickly helping organizations overcome these challenges throughout this pandemic and the economic fallout of the national shutdown.

Increased Call Volume

Organizations are facing a sudden, drastic increase in call volume. This is especially true in heavily impacted industries like Healthcare. This spike is generating tremendous wait times for new services for many vendors.

Enable Remote Workers in 24 to 48 Hours

Businesses and organizations across the country have an immediate need to enable additional remote agents to accommodate a significantly increased number of interactions. DVSAnalytics can quickly help you enable your expanded remote workforce with a 24 to 48-hour turnaround time.

The agility and flexibility of solutions that can interoperate and work side-by-side with existing communications and workforce optimization software has never been more important.


DVSAnalytics Can Bridge the Gaps

DVSAnalytics Workforce Optimization can deliver the solutions required to enable the rapid expansion of your remote workforce and handle increased call volumes during the COVID-19 emergency.

If your organization is migrating to the RingCentral UCaaS platform for your remote workforce, but doesn’t want to give up Desktop Recording, advanced search capabilities, quality management, or other workforce optimization tools, DVSAnalytics solutions can provide the contact center solutions required to bridge those gaps.

If you have a current workforce optimization vendor in place, but they cannot move quickly enough to meet the needs of your expanded workforce, DVSAnalytics is here for you. Don’t replace your entire system, just accommodate your expanded workforce with a side-by-side deployment of DVS solutions.

Current DVSAnalytics Customers

DVS can quickly help existing customers enable their expanded remote workforce and provide additional interaction recording licenses.

  • Expand current remote workforce
  • Quickly provide additional recording licenses
  • If applicable, DVSAnalytics will waive SWA on these licenses until the renewal date for the base system

New Customers

For new customers, DVS offers rapid deployment of solutions via subscription services.

  • Subscription service combined with customer-provided virtual server or environment
  • Operates side-by-side other recording or workforce optimization software
  • UC platform agnostic

RingCentral Customers

For users of the RingCentral UCaaS platform, DVS solutions quickly enhance audio recordings with synced desktop recordings and advanced Search capabilities.

  • DVSAnalytics integrates seamlessly with RingCentral UCaaS
  • Automatic import of RingCentral voice recordings enhances ability to locate, retrieve and review
  • Record desktop activity (sync with voice recordings) for a 360° view of customer interactions

COVID-19 and the Economic Slowdown

We are all facing this rapidly changing emergency together. DVSAnalytics is ready to assist and support your team. If you need to rapidly expand your remote contact center operations, DVS can quickly help you enable your remote workforce with a 24 to 48 hour turnaround.

Visit our COVID-19 Response webpage to learn more.