Interoperability: A Contact Center Solution

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Contact centers, like the rest of the communications industry, are experiencing a rapidly changing landscape. These changes in technology are spurring changes in human behaviors and customer expectations. The sheer abundance of goods and services are making the customer experience a key factor in the consumer decision-making process. It’s no longer a world of call centers, today’s contact center has to be prepared to handle omnichannel communications: calls, emails, online chat, and text messages. Communications platforms are rapidly shifting from on-premise, to cloud or a hybrid of the two. Maintaining industry Compliance to meet local and national regulations in the face of this change is a huge challenge.

The Choice Facing Contact Centers in 2020

The choice for an all-in-one contact center solution might appear simple, but it has a serious downside, namely, one-size does NOT fit all. Choosing a best-in-breed strategy of picking the modular components best suited for an individual contact center’s needs allows for a high degree of customization, can increase efficiency, and provide a faster return on investment (ROI). But, a best-in-breed strategy requires finding systems that can be easily integrated. Interoperability becomes the key requirement: a seamless integration between the myriad hardware and software solutions that make up today’s contact center. DVSAnalytics invests in robust integrations with our technology partners because communications platforms are the heart of contact center operations, where all interactions between agents and customers occur. Interoperability and compatibility between all software and hardware components within a contact center are key factors in achieving a high standard of performance.

DVSAnalytics Integrations into Contact Center Communication Platforms

DVSAnalytics’ Encore® Workforce Optimization solutions deliver robust, user-friendly integrations into all major contact center communication platforms.


As a Technology Partner in the Avaya DevConnect Program, DVSAnalytics Encore Workforce Optimization solutions are listed in the Avaya DevConnect Marketplace and are compliance tested and approved. An integration for Avaya Cloud Office can be found in the RingCentral App Gallery for Avaya Cloud Office.


A member of the Cisco Solution Partner Program (SPP), DVSAnalytics solutions are compliance tested and approved to operate with Cisco communications.


DVSAnalytics is an MSA Developer member of the Mitel Solutions Alliance. Encore Workforce Optimization solutions are compliance tested and approved.


DVSAnalytics’ long-term partnership with NEC has resulted in integration software that captures and writes key metadata from NEC UNIVERGE to searchable fields in recorded interactions.


Sync RingCentral’s audio recordings and metadata with Encore desktop (screen) recordings to enhance search capabilities and gain a complete picture of customer interactions. Visit the RingCentral App Gallery to learn more.


Quickly view a list of recordings – based on an account, a case, a contact opportunity or user – and play recordings directly from a secure link without leaving Salesforce.

Workforce Optimization Solutions

Engineered for interoperability and compatibility with all major communications platforms, the DVSAnalytics workforce optimization solutions are easy to install and use. These solutions – interaction recording, practical analytics, performance evaluations, coaching, scheduling, forecasting, intraday schedule management, and more – enable the transformation of raw data to actionable business insights. Capture, record and analyze customer interactions to boost agent performance, improve operations, and enhance the customer experience. Download the Arizona Federal Credit Union case study to learn how Encore, from DVSAnalytics, keeps systems and integrations up to date, delivering new applications to meet the evolving requirements and demands of today’s credit union contact centers.