Most businesses have done an amazing job of rapidly transitioning contact center workers home during the COVID-19 shutdown. Facing an uncertain future, now the challenge has become ensuring at-home contact center staff are productive and engaged.

This is where workforce optimization solutions come in. Providing workforce management, quality management, analytics, and interaction recording solutions, regardless of whether your contact center platform is based on-premise or in the cloud, has quickly become a requirement.

The Future of Contact Centers?

The COVID-19 national emergency has changed the way contact centers work almost overnight. Facing an uncertain future, many contact centers are looking to establish a long-term work from home infrastructure to avoid the hazards of other shutdowns, increased agent turnover, confusion over what constitutes “essential businesses,” and other possible scenarios.

A long-term transition to work from home contact center operations requires a mental and technological shift. Past the basics of ensuring agents have the tools required – hardware, softphones, reliable internet connections – managers and supervisors need solutions to optimize their agents’ performance, improve the customer experience, meet their industry’s compliance needs, and more.

Infographic illustrating 5 ways to boost the Productivity of Work from Home Agents

Boosting the Productivity of Work from Home Agents

Ensuring work from home agents are effective and productive is a challenge for contact centers. DVSAnalytics provides the Workforce Optimization solutions needed to manage remote agents [infographic].

Agent Adherence

Real-time views into desktop activity and adherence to schedules.

Forecasting & Scheduling

Right-size your staffing based upon fluctuating call/contact volumes and schedules.

Quality Management

Improve performance with automated coaching and eLearning.

Practical Analytics

Gain insights into customer and agent sentiment with Speech Analytics and Surveys.

Agent Engagement

Engage agents with gamification and self-serve portals to access schedules and performance rankings.

Workforce Optimization for Work from Home Contact Centers

When establishing a short-term (as a result of COVID-19) or long-term work from home contact center, don’t forget the infrastructure needed to ensure smooth operations, maintain a high standard of customer satisfaction, and meet industry compliance. Managing and engaging work from home agents can be a challenge, but it can easily be overcome with a workforce optimization solution like Encore® WFO. Engineered for interoperability, Encore is designed to simplify management’s daily workload, boost agent performance and improve the customer experience.

Webinar On-Demand: Keep Your At-Home Contact Center Productive & Engaged

In this on-demand webinar, Kathleen Kelly, VP of Sales at DVSAnalytics, interviews Danielle Durham, Director of Teleservices at Arizona Federal Credit Union, discussing topics including:

  • Real-world experiences from at-home contact centers
  • Surprises encountered during the move to work from home
  • New ways to stay engaged
  • Technology that enhances training, production, and engagement

Danielle Durham discusses new ways she interacts with her at-home agents, and how the move to home offices has impacted contact center teams and management. Kathleen Kelly shares ideas to help at-home contact centers ensure their teams are productive and engaged.

View the webinar.