How DVSAnalytics WFO Tools Helped an Arizona Credit Union Improve Employee Performance

In order to provide the best customer experience possible, contact centers need ways to constantly improve their interactions. This can be difficult when migrating to new systems or expanding your offerings. That’s where DVSAnalytics comes in – with our comprehensive suite of Workforce Optimization (WFO) tools, contact centers can ensure that employee performance is effectively improved whenever business changes arise. In this blog we will discuss DVSAnalytics suite of highly effective WFO tools and how a credit union in Arizona was able to leverage them for success.

Customer Centric Contact Center Technology For Better Agent Interactions

The customer is always at the center of contact center technology. By implementing enhanced WFO technology, contact centers can improve agent interaction effectiveness and the overall customer experience. This is especially crucial when expanding your Credit Union’s  contact center’s current WFO solution technology capabilities to accommodate growth or when migrating to a new system platform. DVS provides a variety of tools that allow for this to support these initiatives, including quality management (QM), interaction recording, evaluations, eCoaching, and more. With these tools, centers can improve agent interactions and provide a better customer experience.

DVS Tools for Growth & Expansion While Improving Performance

DVSAnalytics offers a variety of tools to improve and optimize agent productivity. These tools allow businesses to grow and expand their operations while still maintaining high levels of performance. Here are some of the  key features that our WFO tools offer:

Quality Management

DVSAnalytics’ Quality Management suite of tools makes it easy and efficient to assess agent performance. The tools include custom scorecards, Evaluator Calibration for consistent scoring, Score Assimilation with agent self-evaluations and customer surveys, and Automated Quality Management (AQM) with Speech Analytics. This suite of tools  allows businesses to accurately and effectively assess agent performance, identify areas of improvement, and take so corrective action can be taken.

Interaction Recording

Interaction Recording is another extremely beneficial tool for contact centers. By capturing voice recordings and screen recordings, contact centers are able to identify opportunities for additional training, process improvement, and contact center optimization. This allows them to provide the best customer service possible while maintaining total compliance.


DVS’s Evaluations help to ensure that the quality of service provided is constantly improving. The scorecards and evaluator calibration help to ensure that scores are consistent and accurate, while the score assimilation with agent self-evaluations and customer surveys helps to give a more complete picture of how the customer experience is being handled. The automated quality management with sSpeech analytics can further assist in helping to identify areas where improvement is needed and trigger eCoaching sessions to help agents improve their performance.


eCoaching is a great way to assess an agent’s training performance and to ensure that they are getting the most out of their training. By using quizzes and other assignments, supervisors can track an agent’s progress. eCoaching also allows for tailoring of training to specific needs, which ensures that agents  are receiving the most relevant and targeted training possible.

Arizona Federal Credit Union: DVSAnalytics’ Tools in Action

The Problem:

One challenge ACFU faced was getting customers to use their mobile banking app. They needed to find a way to make it more user-friendly and promote its benefits, such as its self service option. The challenge that ACFU faced was upgrading their unified communications system while still being able to record calls. They needed a system that would be able to meet both of those needs, and DVS was able to provide that with Encore with and its enhanced features.

The Solution:

When the Credit Union migrated to a new unified communications system, DVS’s team  made a concentrated effort to overcome any challenges that would  prevent a successful migration. Further, Encore’s new enhancements have made it easier for customers and agents to modify their behaviors. The addition of bonus questions and eCoaching with quizzes has helped to drive business initiatives and increase member participation. From there, DVS produced customizable evaluation forms to provide feedback and track progress.

Encore’s latest release added bonus questions to evaluations, giving supervisors the opportunity to increase or decrease total evaluation scores when agents do, or don’t, direct conversations toward a desired business initiative. This helped supervisors to more accurately target coaching and development sessions, while providing a great incentive for agents to focus on hitting their targets.

The Outcome

AFCU saw a drastic increase in the promotion of additional products during calls, as well as an increase in the number of users for their new mobile credit card management tool. This is solely due to the fact that AFCU knew how to best leverage Encore’s enhancements to meet their business goals. Now, with DVSAnalytics’ tools in their arsenal, they are able to provide even better customer service and improve employee performance on an ongoing basis.

DVSAnalytics: Increasing Revenue by Improving Agent Performance

DVSAnalytics provides cutting edge technology that helps contact centers get the most out of their customer interactions. With great features such as Quality Management, Interaction recording, eCoaching and more, DVS is constantly improving Encore to meet the needs of our customers and theirs. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can help you take your contact center to the next level.