Strengthening Customer Relations in Credit Unions with Workforce Optimization

To provide the best possible customer service, credit unions must have a system in place that allows them to properly manage their contact center workforce. This is where workforce optimization (WFO) comes into play. Workforce optimization software can help contact centers improve agent productivity and performance while also delivering superior customer service. With the right tools in place for their contact centers, credit unions can continue to make strides and provide top-notch member care. Keep reading to learn how DVSAnalytics’ Encore solves common issues within the contact center and how credit union customers benefit from the DVS WFO solution.

Workforce Optimization in Contact Centers Makes for Better Interactions

Workforce Optimization is the term used for a strategic and holistic approach to managing contact center operations. The goal of WFO is to ensure that an organization’s contact center is staffed with the right number of agents, who are properly trained and have the necessary skill sets to handle member interactions effectively.

Credit unions, like many other organizations, use contact centers to provide customer service and support. In order to offer the best possible experience to members, it is important for credit unions to implement an optional Workforce Management (WFM) solution and an optional Speech Analytics tool with WFO to help them optimize their contact center operations and address common issues that contact centers regularly face. This includes:

More Proactive Interactions

With WFO tools, contact centers can identify which customer interactions call for immediate action. This way, agents can be more proactive and resolve disputes quickly and effectively.

Improved Agent Performance

WFO software also enables contact centers to keep track of agent performance and identify areas where improvement is needed. With DVS, managers can provide targeted eCoaching that saves up to 50% of supervisor/agent, one-on-one meeting time.

Better Compliance

Another benefit of workforce optimization is that it can help contact centers stay compliant with regulations including PCI. This is especially important for credit unions, as they are highly regulated and take stringent security measures.

Improved Workforce Scheduling

WFM solutions provide the ability to create more efficient workforce schedules. With schedule forecasting and optimized scheduling tools, contact centers can plan ahead and make sure they have the right number of agents available to meet customer demand.

Increased Agent Adherence

It’s critical for credit unions to understand if agents are adhering to set schedules. WFM tools provide insights into an agent’s current activities versus planned activities to gain a better idea of how agents are spending their time.

Discover Hidden Insights

Listening to every customer interaction is nearly impossible for contact centers. With Speech Analytics, it’s a breeze. This technology reviews 100% of audio recordings, uncovering critical insights related to compliance, agent performance, customer satisfaction, and so much more.

Insightful Reporting and Analytics

WFO solutions also offer reporting and analytics features that allow managers to make informed decisions on agent performance, process improvement, and training.

How DVSAnalytics Workforce Optimization Transformed this Credit Union

Arizona Federal Credit Union (Arizona Federal) began from humble beginnings, with its first branch opening in 1936. Since then, the credit union has grown to accommodate over 120,000 members with 15 branch locations. As Arizona Federal continued to grow, they would need to make strategic decisions on how to best manage their contact center workforce. Arizona Federal turned to DVSAnalytics for a solution that would help to strengthen member relations and improve the overall customer experience.

With the rise of mobile banking technology, Arizona Federal decided to expand their service offerings to include this popular form of finance management. As a result, Arizona Federal’s contact center began to see less calls from members, yet longer call times with more complex issues to solve. Expanding Arizona Federal’s remote offerings meant agents needed to ensure their members could take full advantage of their new mobile self-service options and use them effectively.

DVS was able to deliver additional enhancements to Arizona Federal’s existing WFO tools including bonus questions and eCoaching that helped to shape customer and agency behavior, an easier transition to self service offerings for members, and tools to gain insights on how agents react to and resolve issues. These features have helped Arizona Federal to maintain a high level of customer service, even as they continue to expand their services and grow as an organization.

Read more about Arizona Federal Credit Union’s success with DVS here.

Why Encore is the Ideal Workforce Optimization Solution for Credit Unions

Strengthening Customer Relations in Credit Unions with Workforce Optimization

Encore is a comprehensive Workforce Optimization solution that offers all of the features and functionality credit unions need to manage their contact centers effectively. With Encore integrated into a contact center’s unified communications (UC) system, it can benefit from improved clarity and better dispute resolution resulting in a better overall member experience. Designed for seamless integration with major UC platforms, Encore is available on premise or in the cloud.

Encore can also help credit unions save money by allowing contact centers to quantify their data from member-agent interactions, which gives valuable insights into agent performance and demand. Armed with this information, contact centers can use their Workforce Management tool to make more informed decisions about forecasting, staffing, and setting agent schedules. Speech Analytics delivers even greater understanding of customer needs and operational factors that impact the bottom line.

DVSAnalytics offers a suite of software solutions to help contact centers streamline operations and improve customer service. The Encore platform was designed with your credit union in mind, meaning that it can be customized for your unique needs! By integrating this innovative tool into the center’s workflow, supervisors and employees will find themselves more efficient than ever before while saving money through better management practices.