How Does the Contact Center Industry Benefit From Manufacturer/VAR Partnerships?

Partnerships are important in any industry, but especially so in the contact center space.  Many technology components are required for a contact center to be operating optimally and those components may be developed by numerous manufacturers, then integrated together by a VAR with sophisticated expertise. VARs can work with multiple disparate manufacturing partners to put together a custom solution that best fits the needs of their customer(s).

By partnering with a Workforce Optimization manufacturer like DVSAnalytics, VARs can provide benefits to their customers including feature/functionality offerings that best fit the needs of a specific contact center, potential cost savings, and enhanced support capabilities. DVSAnalytics ensures that partners can leverage our industry-leading workforce optimization solution while receiving unrivaled partner support from our team to help them put their best foot forward with their customers and prospects.

Here we’ll explore why partnerships make sense in our industry as well as some of the advantages companies can enjoy by teaming up with DVSAnalytics.

Partnerships in the Workforce Optimization Space

In workforce optimization and workforce management, contact centers use a software solution to automate and manage processes like scheduling, performance management, and workforce analytics. Workforce optimization tools like DVSAnalytics’ Encore solution engage contact center agents and leverage performance analytics to maximize productivity.

Partnerships in WFO are beneficial because they provide companies with access to a larger suite of workforce optimization solutions. When workforce optimization is done right, it can lead to increased customer satisfaction and greater cost effectiveness – both of which are good for business.

The Advantages of Partnering with DVSAnalytics For Workforce Optimization Solutions

DVSAnalytics is a WFO solution provider that offers a multitude of advantages to its partners. We have a number of very satisfied partners that allow companies to use a unified and highly capable workforce optimization solution. DVS strives to provide the most cost-effective solutions for our partners, in turn leading to increased profitability for their customers and themselves.

Additionally, DVS offers a partner support program. Our team is dedicated to providing a strong solution with excellent service at a very attractive price point which actually frees up budget dollars that could be used to procure other technology needs. Easy to work with and fast to respond, DVS aims to showcase our partner’s best qualities by providing their customers well rounded and cost-effective solution options.

DVS assists our partners with sales initiatives including demos, co-branded marketing collateral, and more. In fact, DVS will do all the heavy lifting for you – including discovery, demonstrations, provide quotes with options, and is willing to attend any and all meetings if requested. DVS is more than willing to work with partners on joint marketing initiatives which could include pricing incentives for the customers and SPIFS for partner sales representatives.

With all this in mind, it’s easy to see how partnering with DVSAnalytics can be a smart move for companies in the workforce optimization space.

Why DVSAnalytics?

Woman and man work together on solution for customer

DVSAnalytics is proud to offer numerous advantages to our partners, including cost-effective solutions, an expansive suite of tools, and unparalleled service. From performance management to workforce analytics, DVS provides a comprehensive solution for businesses. Being able to provide Encore’s tremendous capabilities to more customers can lead to greater outcomes in the contact center industry, and our partners are an important part of achieving this goal.

If you are looking to offer a cost-effective suite of analytical tools that come with excellent partner support, DVSAnalytics is the perfect match for you. We offer our partners marketing support and are willing to go above and beyond to ensure all parties are met with success. 

Contact one of our experts today to learn more about how a partnership with DVSAnalytics can help to achieve your business goals.