5 Ways Workforce Management Solutions Improve Customer Support

Workforce Management solutions are designed to optimize the productivity of agents and employees, and in doing so, improve the customer experience. In contact centers, this means forecasting, scheduling and adherence tools that help streamline the staffing process. Using a WFM solution to ensure the contact center is staffed correctly, means metrics like those below can meet, even exceed, defined Service Level Agreements:

  • Average Speed of Answer
  • Abandonment Rate
  • Response Time (non-voice)
  • First Contact Resolution

How WFM Tools Improve the Customer Experience

1. Agent Focus

Empowering agents to easily adjust their schedules by digitally submitting shift changes, obtaining schedule approval, and requesting time off, agents are able to focus on the most important part of their job: customers. Meanwhile, you are boosting the overall performance of your contact center.

2. Happy Agents = Happy Customers

Overstaffing can result in agents growing bored of their role, while understaffing leads to burnout. Workforce Management solutions help keep agent turnover low and employees engaged by always ensuring your contact center has the optimal headcount at any given time.

3. Prompt Issue Response

If you have an unexpected spike in volume, workforce management tools enable you to respond quickly. A sudden increase in call volume can occur as a result of unplanned outages, severe weather, or product failures. Regardless of why a call center might experience an increase in volume, it’s important to be prepared for such possibilities. Having the proper personnel and the right number of agents is vital  to quickly identify and resolve issues.

4. Time Management

To run a successful contact center, directors need to ensure all agents are using their time as planned. With real-time adherence tools built into workforce management solutions, managers can see at a glance how agents’ current activities match their planned work schedule. This provides insight for managers to better understand agent work tasks and informs future scheduling needs.

5. Data-driven Improvements

Effective WFM solutions provide leadership with a full picture of agent schedules and performance, along with the macro-level performance of the contact center. Automatically generated reports give you the historical data necessary to make informed decisions and any changes that might be necessary to improve customer service.

Finding the Right Workforce Management Tools

Workforce Management Solutions improve customer service

A recent report from Walker states that customer service is becoming even more important to consumers than price or product differentiation. “Today’s customers are used to—and now expect—personalized contact, instant satisfaction, and fast time to service.” 

The right Workforce Management solution enables you to meet these increasing customer expectations, and helps you match the needs of your workforce with your contact center’s goals.

Proven to meet these criteria, DVSAnalytics WFM helps optimize your contact center’s performance and provide a quick return on investment . Our solutions are flexible and adaptable to meet the challenges of today’s rapidly changing communications technology landscape, and in doing so, empower you to provide the best possible experience for your customers.

Deployment of Workforce Management Solutions

The DVSAnalytics team works closely with you to smoothly implement Workforce Management in your contact center. Every customer receives online training, software upgrades, and a 90-day checkup for solution optimization. We believe in strong partnerships to provide excellent service that helps contact centers improve agent performance, simplify management’s daily workload, and ultimately, enhance the customer experience.

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