Encore 8.3 Release – Building A Strong Foundation

The latest version of DVSAnalytics Workforce Optimization (WFO) solution, Encore 8.3, is ready for prime time. Beginning with the 8.0 release, Encore began moving toward a new user interface called the Encore Portal. With its fresh look and advanced features, the Encore Portal delivers an exceptional user experience. While this is just one step in the journey of porting Encore to its new interface, this release provides a strong foundation for DVSAnalytics to continue developing the WFO solution your contact center demands.

What is the Encore Portal?

Encore Portal is the new user interface for DVSAnalytics Encore Workforce Optimization solution. With this new portal, users can access Encore on a variety of browsers, including Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari, and Mozilla Firefox. Using a responsive design, Encore Portal can run from a browser on mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets.

The interface showcases a modern design with a side menu for navigation rather than pages. The Encore Portal also introduces the concept of Views. These allow users to customize the information they wish to view with a specific data set. New filter logic allows users to create complex filtering for a particular view rather than stacking filters on top of one another. While these are just a few highlights, the advantages of using the Encore Portal are substantial. To see all the new features of the Encore Portal, schedule a short demo with the team at DVS.

New Features in Encore 8.3

Building on the previous releases, the latest Encore release shifts even more functionality into the Encore Portal:
  • Dashboards – Create, edit and share dashboards to monitor report data, contests, assignments and more. Dashboards can now accommodate unlimited widgets and custom icons for a better user experience.
  • eLearning and eCoaching – Develop eLearning lessons and assign them to agents to improve performance. Monitor assignments from a custom dashboard. 
  • Calibration – Complete calibration assignments to determine how best to coach evaluators on proper evaluation techniques. 
  • Contest Data for Agents – Agents can add contest data to their dashboards to track leaderboard status and reward points.

Releases are planned throughout the year, so stay tuned to DVS to take advantage of all the new advancements.

Considerations for Current Customers

If you’re a current DVSAnalytics customer, upgrading to the new Encore Portal is a terrific boost to your contact center toolset. The journey also carries with it some important considerations. 

To learn more about how to plan your upgrade, see the webinar conducted by Paul Buckley, Director of Product Management at DVSAnalytics. Log into the Customer Portal to view the webinar. If you’re new to the Customer Portal, it’s easy to set up an account. Once you do, you will have access to webinars, training videos, product documentation and more.

You can also contact the DVS team to discuss the different options; they are here to help with each step of the process.

WFO to Boost Performance While Sticking to Your Budget

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