Five Ways DVSAnalytics Boosts RingCentral UCaaS in Contact Centers

RingCentral UCaaS customers can leverage their recordings with Encore® Workforce Optimization (WFO) software from DVSAnalytics to improve contact center operations and enhance the customer experience. Combining RingCentral’s audio recording and metadata with Encore’s Desktop (screen) Recordings provides a complete picture of customer interactions. DVSAnalytics understands communication platforms are the foundation of contact center operations. Interoperability and compatibility between software and hardware components within a contact center are key factors in achieving a high standard of performance. Integrating DVSAnalytics Interaction and Screen Recording software with RingCentral UCaaS is a winning combination for today’s cloud contact center.

Five Ways DVSAnalytics Boosts RingCentral UCaaS Communications

Boost the power of RingCentral Cloud Contact Center recordings with DVSAnalytics workforce optimization, as featured in the RingCentral App Gallery, to add invaluable insights into your customer communications [infographic].

Gain a 360° View of Customer Interactions

Sync RingCentral audio recordings with DVSAnalytics Desktop Recording.

Improve Performance

Analyze recordings and deliver automated coaching to improve agent performance.

Engage the Workforce

Create contests to leverage analytics & evaluations to motivate agents to achieve individual, team & organizational goals.

Provide Real-time Feedback on KPIs

Enable dashboard views of results for immediate feedback to supervisors and agents.

Pinpoint Trends and Take Action

Use Speech Analytics to spot trends and gain critical customer insights to improve business.

RingCentral UCaaS and Encore

RingCentral is a worldwide leader of global communications. With Encore, RingCentral UCaaS customers improve the customer experience by solving issues quickly and accurately. Contact centers can record agent desktop activity using Encore and easily associate the desktop recordings with RingCentral’s audio recordings. Available in a Software as a Service (SaaS) model, Encore combines data—call recordings, desktop recordings and associated metadata—to provide a 360° perspective of your customer interactions and a full-featured workforce optimization toolkit to improve contact center performance and enhance the customer experience.

Workforce Optimization for RingCentral UCaaS

Encore provides RingCentral customers access to comprehensive workforce optimization tools to boost the performance of their contact centers, including:
  • Quality Management to measure and improve agent performance
    • Custom Evaluation Scorecards to measure key performance indicators
    • Automatic eCoaching to assure training occurs when needed
    • eLearning Lessons built in a variety of media
    • Quizzes to measure the effectiveness of training
  • Gamification to engage and motivate agents to achieve goals
  • Agent Dashboards provide important analytics to focus agents
  • Customizable Reports
  • Speech Analytics to quickly evaluate 100% of recordings for critical metrics
The Encore solution delivers the ability to record, analyze and manage customer interactions to meet contact center service goals while managing the costs associated with training and quality management.

Contact Center Case Study

With the high level of competition in the travel and vacation industry, customer service is the major differentiator. International Cruise and Excursions, Inc. (ICE) faced the challenge of continuously improving the quality of agent/customer interactions in their busy contact center. Download the International Cruise and Excursions case study to learn how ICE uses the Encore Evaluations and eCoaching solutions to improve agent performance and enhance the quality of agent–customer interactions.