Essentials for Speech Analytics in Contact Centers

Contact centers are bustling hubs that depend on efficient communication to operate smoothly. Speech Analytics is a powerful tool that can drastically improve communication within the contact center environment by utilizing advanced technologies to detail customer interactions using speech transcription. With the proper set-up, businesses can maximize their the insights of their call recordings by using a Speech Analytics solution to transcribe their call recordings. This blog post will discuss these components to ensure your Speech Analytics are optimized for success.

What Are Speech Analytics & How Are They Used?

Speech analytics is commonly used by contact centers to improve service quality and customer experience while also ensuring regulatory compliance. It utilizes advanced algorithms to convert speech-to-text, enabling companies to analyze recordings at scale and uncover patterns and trends in customer-agent interactions. 

Leveraging this technology, supervisors can use insights to identify weak links and employ simple, low-cost corrections to improve the quality of customer interactions. Additionally, speech analytics helps organizations better understand customer needs, preferences, and pain points, contributing to improved overall service quality. With its ability to quickly identify issues without requiring personnel to actually listen to hours of call recordings, speech analytics is an indispensable tool for busy managers looking to optimize their operations.

Speech Analytics Essentials for Accurate Transcription 

Speech analytics are essential for capturing the “voice of the customer.” By identifying specific keywords and phrases used throughout the call, supervisors can determine overall customer sentiment towards your business. Whether it’s issues with the product or website or poor customer service, accurate speech transcription will yield this data effectively. DVS’ Encore solution runs a review of these keywords and phrases against a living list of keywords and phrases for you so you can focus on improving service quality. 

However, to maximize this gold mine of data, it’s essential to have proper equipment in place. To start, quality headsets are essential for accurately capturing and digitizing audio in contact centers, and allows the system to better identify specific keywords and phrases by reducing background noise and improving speech clarity. Secondly, noise canceling microphones that capture sound frequencies between 100 Hz – 8 kHz also influence how well the system carries important speech information, in addition to ensuring a strong signal-to-noise ratio. 

Another important factor to consider is microphone placement, as it is crucial in ensuring accurate transcription readings. The microphone should be positioned about an inch away and pointed down toward the speaker’s mouth for optimal results. Moreover, audio file format plays a role in the accuracy of speech transcriptions as well. We recommend using the PCM WAV file format for lossless storage without additional compression as this allows for separate channels to be recorded, thus improving transcription accuracy. 

For optimal accuracy in speech analytics, audio capture must use a lossless codec like G.711. While lossy codecs like G.729 reduce bandwidth usage, they also decrease audio detail, leading to inaccuracies in transcription. This applies not only to recorded audio but also to audio from SIP trunks. High resolution and sampling rates are crucial for preserving the voice frequency range, ensuring accurate analytics.

DVSAnalytics: Delivering an Exceptional Customer Experience One Interaction at a Time

Integrating Speech Analytics into your contact center can significantly enhance communication efficiency and customer satisfaction. While Speech Analytics have been around for years, advancements in this technology have made it a worthwhile investment for contact centers seeking improved service quality. 

With DVS, companies that invest in Speech Analytics not only gain industry-standard features, but they also enjoy an affordable price point that enables them to do more for less. As a result, contact centers realize the full potential of Speech Analytics while turning every customer interaction into a strategic advantage.

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DVSAnalytics: Contact Center Recording Solutions That Do More for Less

With DVSAnalytics, companies can unlock a treasure trove of information in call recordings to help them make data-driven decisions while keeping costs low. This is possible with our comprehensive call recording solutions, including QM and Speech Analytics Transcription services, all for less or the same cost of call recording only from competing solutions.

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