DVSAnalytics Delivers Increased Value with Expanded Salesforce Integration for Contact Centers

DVSAnalytics Provides Seamless Access to Customer Recordings in Salesforce


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Scottsdale, June 17, 2019 – Meeting the needs of the most demanding organizations for enhanced contact center performance, DVSAnalytics is pleased to announce an advanced Salesforce integration for Encore® Workforce Optimization.

In business for over 35 years, DVSAnalytics delivers workforce optimization and quality management solutions engineered to improve contact center operations and enhance the customer experience.  Beyond interaction recording, metadata capture, analytics, and agent training capabilities, Encore features industry-leading interoperability, easily integrating with all major UC and CRM solutions.

Encore’s new Salesforce integration links customer interaction recordings to your Salesforce metadata: user, account, contact, opportunity, or case. Locate recordings in the workforce optimization solution with the same metadata used in Salesforce, or locate and review interaction recordings within Salesforce.

“By associating a recording with your existing Salesforce data, finding an interaction recording and reviewing it becomes effortless,” said Rita Dearing, President and Chief Technology Officer, DVSAnalytics. “You can securely review customer recordings without leaving Salesforce.”

DVSAnalytics invests in developing robust integrations with contact center technologies. DVS is dedicated to providing highly interoperable software solutions that deliver the powerful, easy-to-use tools needed to enhance agent performance. Contact centers are the frontline between an organization or company and its customers. Seamless interoperability and compatibility between all software and hardware components within a contact center are key factors in achieving the highest standard of the customer experience.

The latest Encore integration with Salesforce enhances the ability to share data that helps contact centers locate critical calls. Important customer interactions are automatically identified and collected into playlists for review. To expedite access to customer recordings, users can play them directly from within Salesforce.

To learn more about DVS, visit www.DVSAnalytics.com.

 About DVSAnalytics

DVSAnalytics Workforce Optimization solutions are designed to improve the customer experience, maximize employee engagement and productivity with analytics-enabled insights into interactions and contact center operations. Encore® includes interaction recording, analytics, quality and performance management, workforce management, reporting, and more.

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