Practical Analytics for Contact Centers

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The market is flooded with analytics. Solutions abound. Wherever you find digital transformation in contact centers, you find a wealth of analytics options. What differentiates one solution from another? Begin with value. Analytics should provide insights. The insights contact centers require to optimize operations, reduce management’s daily workload, and boost agent performance. Insights that do […]

Interoperability: A Contact Center Solution

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Contact centers, like the rest of the communications industry, are experiencing a rapidly changing landscape. These changes in technology are spurring changes in human behaviors and customer expectations. The sheer abundance of goods and services are making the customer experience a key factor in the consumer decision-making process. It’s no longer a world of call […]

Simplifying Management Workload in Contact Centers

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Workforce optimization software in contact centers. It should be easy to define its purpose: improve operations, boost agent performance, enhance the customer experience, and simplify management’s routine workload allowing them to focus on their organization’s key performance indicators (KPIs). Three key necessities for workforce optimization software: It should be user-friendly It should automate processes It […]

Practical Workforce Optimization for Contact Centers

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Practical workforce optimization solutions for contact centers. Practical means more than a seamless integration into a contact center’s communications platform. It means flexibility and scalability, in the cloud or on-premise. All too often, contact centers are forced to take the kitchen sink to get what they need when selecting a workforce optimization solution. Four Expectations […]

Five Ways to Supercharge Your RingCentral Cloud Contact Center

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UCaaS. Unified Communications as a Service. This is the foundation of a cloud contact center. RingCentral, a worldwide leader of cloud communications, delivers unified cloud communication services on an open platform, including audio recording, for contact centers across North America. DVSAnalytics supercharges the RingCentral platform with Workforce Optimization as a Service solutions: synchronized screen (agent […]

7 Benefits of Workforce Management Solutions

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What is Workforce Management (WFM) software designed to do? WFM solutions are an integrated set of business processes that optimize the productivity of agents and employees. In contact centers, this means forecasting, scheduling and adherence tools that help streamline the staffing process while maintaining service level objectives such as: Average Speed of Answer Abandonment Rate […]

Workforce Management Challenges in Contact Centers

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Forecasting and scheduling agents are two challenges every contact center faces. Workforce Management solutions provide the tools needed to meet these challenges, as well as improve overall operational performance. When developed with the specific needs of contact centers in mind, workforce management software can deliver a host of advantages, enabling contact centers to meet service level […]